Troubling New Survey Finds Shrinking Confidence That Biden Will Serve Out Term; Harris Not Seen As Good Replacement

A new survey has found that a rising number of Americans don’t believe President Joe Biden will complete a full term, and worse, they have diminished confidence in his vice president, Kamala Harris, taking over as commander-in-chief.

A recent poll from I&I/TIPP asked voters: “In your opinion, how likely is it that Joe Biden will complete his first term in office?”

Below are some of the results:

Predictably, most Americans (71%) said Biden was likely to last through his four years. But 21%, or one in five, said it was “not likely” he would last.

A closer look at the data provides little comfort for Biden’s own pollsters and political advisers.

Just 45% of those responding said it was “very likely” Biden would last. Some 25% said it was only “somewhat likely,” hardly a vote of confidence in Biden’s presidential future. Another 8% said they are “not sure.”

And, as often in recent years, the poll’s results are deeply skewed by political affiliation. Some 90% of Democrats believe Biden will make it to the end of his term, while 49% of Republicans do. Once again, independents split the difference at 66%, though they are closer to the GOP than to the Dems.

Meanwhile, only 6% of Democrats say it’s “unlikely” Biden will last, compared to 43% of Republicans and 22% of independents.

In addition, the survey also exposed troubling thoughts regarding Harris.

The I&I/TIPP Poll asked: “How confident are you that Vice President Kamala Harris would be an effective commander-in-chief against an adversary posing a military threat to the United States if she were to become President?”

Only 45% of Americans said they would be “confident” in Harris, with just 25% saying “very confident.” An equal 45% said they’d be “not confident,” with 30% of that total saying “not at all confident.”


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