More Americans Want Trump Back In Office Than Biden, Including Stunning Number of Democrats

As President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to sink amid war overseas and rising gas and food prices at home, a new survey has provided some additional bad news.

According to , 42 percent of Americans want Donald Trump back in office in 2024, compared to just 40 percent who want to see Biden win, while 27 percent said they would pick someone else.

Respondents were asked if Biden’s presidency has been good or bad for the country’s long-term success; 52 percent said “bad” while only one-third, or roughly 34 percent, said it’s been “good.”

The National Pulse :

While 66 percent of Republicans said they wanted Trump back, just 57 percent of Democrats said they wanted Biden in 2024, with almost double the number of Democrats (19 percent) picking Trump over Republicans who chose Biden (10 percent).

Support for the pair is equally shared amongst moderates (33 percent each), with another 32 percent of moderates picking “somebody else.”

Put another way, nearly 1 in 5 Democrats said they would take Trump over Biden at this point.

The polling results come as the Washington Post published an interview with the former president from his home in Mar-a-Lago, Fla.

Asked about gas prices, Trump remarked: “Now, it’s a hard situation. What they should do is lower the price of oil. Because you need money to fight wars.”

“At $150 a barrel and going up to more, you look at it, it’s going up to numbers that nobody has ever seen, it’s already the highest it’s ever been in history. The first thing they should do is lower the price of oil by using the liquid gold we have underneath our feet,” he said.