Fire: Fox News Segment Boils Over When Former Trump Official Goes Off on Dem Strategist Over Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Former Trump administration official Mercedes Schlapp had a fiery exchange with Democratic strategist Laura Fink over Hunter Biden’s laptop during a Sunday segment on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus.”

To begin the segment, host Harris Faulkner asked Fink whether President Joe Biden has “been compromised by anything that his son would have done?”

“Look, there is absolutely no connection between Hunter Biden’s businesses and nothing has ever been unearthed to suggest that as in your reporting, Harris, suggests as well,” Fink responded.

“There is not a connection,” she continued. “What Americans see in Hunter Biden especially women can relate to. This was a well-connected wealthy guy that had access and got paid millions for doing a bad job at what he was paid to do .”

Faulkner jumped in to ask Fink if she thinks “this is a gender thing?”

“No, I think all Americans can relate to it. When you are well connected, but especially women because we see it a lot,” said Fink.

“Americans can relate to that but as to what it has to do with the Biden presidency I would say very little. I think this headache is really more of a right-wing conservative journalism hangover,” Fink added, which prompted Schlapp to jump in.

“Oh please, please. No, no, Harris, I have to respond. I was on the presidential campaign with President Trump and when we brought up the questions about Hunter Biden and the laptops and the emails that the New York Post had leaked exclusively the Washington Post refused to verify for months and then they told us on the campaign we couldn’t bring up Hunter Biden because they were like ‘it could be part of a Russian misinformation campaign,'” she continued.

“That’s a disservice to the American people when the mainstream media are not-”

Fink jumped in: “Did you give them the drive, did you give them the laptop?”

“They refused to question and cover the news and they refused to let us speak about this issue on air,” Schlapp said before asking Fink to repeat her question.

“Oh, please. Are you serious? Are you seriously asking me that question? Give me a break,” Schlapp replied, adding that the “liberal media refused to cover this because as you know their goal was they always hated Donald Trump, they weren’t going to give Donald Trump a fair shake, and they wanted Joe Biden in the White House.”



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