WATCH: Megyn Kelly Blasts Biden in Flaming Interview with Former Dem Presidential Candidate

Independent journalist Megyn Kelly is not a fan of former Democratic presidential contender Marianne Williamson’s defense of President Joe Biden amid his handling of global turmoil and mounting domestic issues like rising inflation and an extremely porous southern border.

In an interview on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Williamson lambasted Americans for being too deep in their own political corners, arguing that people should react to news as citizens, not partisans.

“Eisenhower said that the American mind at its best is both liberal and conservative. We are E Pluribus Unum, we are different political views, we are different ideologies,” Williamson began. “But there must be some unifying principles on which we agree to agree.”

“Whether it’s Biden that is behaving in an outrageous way or it is Trump behaving in an outrageous way, we shouldn’t respond to these things just as Republicans or Democrats. We should respond to them as Americans,” Williamson noted further.

Kelly responded with several examples of Biden acting in ways she considered outrageous.

“We see Joe Biden do things like the eviction moratorium, which he knew, he knew was unlawful. And the same thing with the mandate on the vaccines, he knew it was going to get struck down but he did it anyway,” Kelly said.

“If we’re going to be based in reality, let’s be based in reality. And this president misleads us at every turn — and the media misleads us at every turn. When it comes to media when it comes to ‘Russiagate,’ I mean, and we’re supposed to just look at the ‘orange man bad’ and blame it all on him,” she continued.

Williamson fired back that Kelly was herself using an “us versus them” narrative, saying: “Even what you’re just saying stays stuck in the right versus left.”

But Kelly responded that really, it’s about “right versus wrong.”

Williamson then went on to complain about former President Donald Trump continuing and enhancing domestic oil and gas production, which led to U.S. energy independence for the first time in decades.

“We have to do it — We have to do it, Marianne. People who need to power their houses and need cheap energy cannot get by with the prices we’re going to impose on them,” Kelly fired back, noting that the high cost of forcing Americans to move to green energy was not economically feasible for most.

“If we had started a just transition to clean energy back when Jimmy Carter first talked about it, we would not be vulnerable to Russia the way we are right now,” Williamson complained. “This used to be a country that knew how to respond to emergencies.”

Kelly then argued how Biden is being weak by not strengthening the military after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was a display of weakness.

“Not flexing that muscle — going into the fetal position was a disaster!” Kelly said.

“Do I get to talk now?” Williamson responded snidely before resuming a discussion about green energy and adding that reliance on Russian oil is the problem.

“If we had moved into green energy — into clean energy over the last few years when we should have — we wouldn’t need to be horsed to Russia.”

Kelly pushed back once more, however, noting that the United States had been energy independent when Trump was president. “There’s nothing wrong with natural gas!”

But Williamson pushed back too. “This is America, a free society, we don’t all have to agree on everything. You say there’s nothing wrong with natural gas. A lot of people have a problem with that.”