Harvard Poll Spells Complete Disaster For Joe Biden, Kamala Harris: If Election Were Today, Trump Would Defeat Both of Them Easily

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris survey exclusively obtained by The Hill spells new trouble for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if they faced off against an old rival.

According to the survey, released on Thursday, former President Donald Trump would beat Biden by 6 points if he were running again and Harris by double digits — 11 points.

Forty-seven percent of survey respondents would back Trump in 2024, compared to 41 percent who support Biden, while 12 percent said they were undecided, the Daily Mail reported, adding:

The vice president received 38 percent of the hypothetical vote, while Trump had 49 percent — two points higher than he’d score against Biden. 

While Biden has made his intention to run for a second term known, Trump has repeatedly teased a 2024 bid but has yet to say for sure if he’ll mount a third presidential campaign. 

When Harris was selected as Biden’s running mate, it was believed at the time that she would succeed him. But increasingly, she has polled worse than Biden, and Biden’s approval ratings have essentially fallen below 40 percent in an increasing number of surveys in recent weeks as a growing number of Americans become concerned with rising inflation, higher energy prices, and a porous southwestern border.

Overall, Republicans appear to be polling better than Democrats, perhaps a reflection of Americans’ dissatisfaction with the White House.

“A recent NBC survey released on Sunday shows Republicans with a slight edge over Democrats in the upcoming races,” the Daily Mail reported. “Forty-six percent of voters said they would prefer Republicans to control Congress in 2023, compared to 44 percent who support Democrats staying in power.”

For his part, Trump has resumed his campaign-style rallies which are well-attended. Last weekend in Commerce, Ga., he drew in an estimated 17,000 people according to police estimates, though published reports misrepresented that figure and claimed only around 5,000 people showed up.

Despite having a reputation as a foreign policy guru, most Americans are not impressed with the president in that realm, either:

Only 28 percent of Americans polled said they share ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a bit’ of support for Biden’s handling of Ukraine — a far cry from the confidence the president has sought to project through decades of foreign policy experience in the Senate.

And a majority of people seem to believe Biden’s actions so far have put the country on a path toward direct conflict with Russia, despite the US’s stated preferred policy of de-escalation through diplomacy.  

Sixteen percent of Americans said they believe their nation is already at war with Russia based on Biden and his officials’ handling of the crisis. A whopping 44 percent said the devastating conflict ‘will be within the next year.’

Just 34 percent were confident the US would not be embroiled in a war with Moscow.   


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