WATCH: ‘A Wimp Fest’: Sen. Kennedy Sounds Off On Biden Over Handling of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Sen. John Kennedy leveled President Joe Biden’s handling of Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, calling his response a “wimp fest” though he praised one element of the White House response.

The Louisiana Republican shared his remarks during an interview on Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to Congress.

“President Biden’s economic response to the invasion, and military response to the invasion, in my judgment, has been a wimp fest,” Kennedy said.

“Let’s take it first militarily. President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people are holding their own on the ground. They need air cover,” he continued.

“Today President Zelensky said, ‘Can you please help me get planes, can you please help me get surface-to-air missiles? I’m not asking for American planes or pilots or troops. Help me with your allies,” he added, before blasting Biden’s response, which he said is part of a pattern on the part of the president.

“President Biden’s response is the same as it always is. I’ll get back to you in three to five business days, and he never gets back.” the senator noted.

The GOP senator also mentioned the importance of American oil and gas as part of the U.S. overall response.

“Unless you’re still living with your parents, you understand that you can’t put Putin on his knees without cutting off his cash flow. And you can’t cut off his cash flow without cutting off his oil and gas,” the senator told Hannity.

“A lot of his allies say we have to buy his oil and gas. Where are we going to get it? Well, the obvious answer is the United States, except for one problem,” he noted further.

“The woker darlings and the Democratic Party will not allow President Biden to adopt an all of the above energy policy which includes oil and gas, and the president just doesn’t seem to have the courage to stand up to them,” Kennedy added.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and interim Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell noted in an interview Tuesday that Biden’s diplomatic team has not been very active following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He also said in an interview with Newsmax that former President Donald Trump’s four-year term was an object lesson in how to avoid conflict using foreign and domestic policies.

First, Grenell took aim at Secretary of State should be actively traveling Europe and Asia in a bid to find a diplomatic solution to the war, but that he has not been “very active.”

“I am a diplomat,” Grenell told “John Bachman Now.” “I always see a path for diplomacy, even when the bombs are about to go off.”

Blinken, Grenell noted further, ought to be having meetings and employing diplomatic processes all over Europe, but “I just don’t see him being very active.”


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