Top Podcaster Joe Rogan Says ‘People Lost Their F**king Minds’ Over Masks Past Two Years

Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan was frank and to the point during his show earlier this week he and his guest were discussing the reactions of far too many Americans regarding the wearing of masks over the past two years during the pandemic.

“People lost their f***ing minds,” the host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Spotify said with his guest comedian Tom Papa, as the two revisited experiences they had with people having to wear masks in places like airports, airplanes and even during sporting events like jiu-jitsu class.

“My favorite video was a lady with no mask screaming at a man to put a mask on,” the host said. “She was just a person on a plane. She wasn’t even a lady who worked for the airline.”

“She’s just screaming and then she smacks him in the head,” Rogan added. “She wound up getting arrested. But she was just, I don’t know if she was on drugs or what.”

“Because one of the things that happened over the last year in a half, is that people really enjoyed telling you to put your mask on, because you kind of have to listen,” Rogan noted further.

“And when someone says ‘put a mask on’ … [as he begrudgingly pretends to put on one] you have to. It’s a thing. You’re not wearing it and someone … you can’t say ‘f*** you.’ If you say f*** you, then you’re on YouTube and then it’s a real problem,” he noted.

Papa responded by saying the fact people got others to wear them at all is “pretty remarkable” before sharing what he sees all the time at airports.

“The move I see at the gate all the time is older people, you know these poor people that can’t breathe without anything on their face,” Papa shared. “They’re struggling and the number of times I see them pull the mask down and cough into the air. And then put it back.”

Rogan said he had even seen “jiu jitsu classes” where people “had masks on.”

“It’s the dumbest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” the host replied. “You’re breathing heavy, you’re on top of each other. You’re sweating on each other. You got a stupid surgical mask on, which doesn’t do a godda** thing.”

“People lost their f***ing minds,” he noted further. “They lost their f***ing minds over the last two years.”

Rogan ended that segment by pondering aloud how it’s possible to bring Americans back to “a calm normal” after they went “haywire.”