DeSantis Suggests Russia-Ukraine Conflict Would Not Have Happened Under Trump

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took President Joe Biden to task on Monday during a press conference, suggesting that he is projecting the same “weakness” regarding Ukraine that former President Barack Obama also showed.

In addition, the Republican governor suggested that the conflict would not have happened under former President Donald Trump.

“My feeling is they haven’t done enough —Europe or Biden’s administration — to really hit Putin where it counts, and that’s because they have been so weak on domestic energy,” DeSantis said, criticizing Biden’s energy policies for stripping the U.S. of energy independent status attained during the latter part of Trump’s term.

“So let’s get back to where we need to get to back to. And I can tell you this. The media spent four years saying that Trump was some type of agent of Russia, and yet, when I was in Congress when Obama was president, Obama refused to send weapons to Ukraine,” DeSantis said, before offering a series of comparisons.

“When Trump was president, we sent weapons to Ukraine. Putin didn’t like that very much. When Obama was president, Putin took Crimea. When Trump was president, they didn’t take anything. And now Biden’s president, and they’re rolling into Ukraine,” he said.

DeSantis then noted that the disastrous, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan following the suicide bombing deaths of 13 American servicemen and women, as well as around 150 Afghanis, sent the wrong signal to the world.

“It was a total catastrophe, but it displayed the lack of leadership that Joe Biden is bringing to the table,” he said, noting that he believed the most significant consequence of that disaster would likely not be in Afghanistan itself.

“Russia was watching that. China was watching that. Iran was watching that. That whetted the appetite of these dictators,” DeSantis said, going on to predict that China and Iran will continue to act belligerent as well.

“So the weakness has really bred a lot of the disorder you’re seeing right now,” he added.


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