Tulsi Gabbard Rips Biden Over Ukraine, Says Attack ‘Could Easily Have Been Avoided’

Former Democratic presidential contender and congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard has launched verbal broadsides at President Joe Biden following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

“This war and suffering could have easily been avoided if Biden Admin/NATO had simply acknowledged Russia’s legitimate security concerns regarding Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO, which would mean US/NATO forces right on Russia’s border,” Gabbard said via tweet.

But her remarks were shot down by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who said they were “not true.”

Seen this argument below in various places & it’s simply not true A pledge that #Ukraine would never join NATO was not Putin’s only demand As recently as last week he once again demanded NATO leave every country that joined after 1997 including Bulgaria, Romania & 12 others,” he said.

Previously, Gabbard told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that “sanctions don’t work” but “will increase suffering and hardship for the American people.”

“The reality is the sanctions don’t work, whether put in before or now or later, the sanctions don’t work. What we do know is they will increase suffering and hardship for the American people,” Gabbard said Tuesday.

“This is the whole problem with the Biden administration. They are so focused on how do we punish [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that they don’t care, and they are not focused on what is actually in the best interest of the American people,” .

“Because the sanctions are not going to cost him or Kamala Harris or the power elite in this country or even the power elite in Russia, it is the people who will suffer, the American people, the Russian people, and people here at home working hard every single day facing those drastically increasing prices at the gas pump, facing increasing cost of the supermarket, impacting our supply chain,” she added.