WATCH: Tucker Carlson Torches MSNBC’s ‘Compliant, Brain Dead’ Joy Reid Over Russia Analysis

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted MSNBC host Joy Reid on Tuesday following her assessment of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, calling her a “moron” who “went to Harvard.”

Carlson make his remarks during an appearance on fellow Fox star Laura Ingraham’s program to discuss what she called the “slow roll” of military support from the U.S. and allies to Ukraine.

At one point, the conversation veered into the benefit of American intervention in eastern Europe and how any criticisms of President Joe Biden’s actions there are being called “unpatriotic” and “treasonous” by the left.

Carlson noted that all defenses of U.S. involvement in the region are being portrayed as a “moral obligation” to defend democracies around the world, adding that the Ukrainian government has authoritarian tendencies and leaders have arrested opposition politicians.

That led Ingraham to point out the hypocrisy of those critics’ positions.

“The same individuals who in the 1980s – when I was in college – were making excuses for the Soviet Union,” Ingraham said reminding Carlson of “no nukes” concerts and events as well as left-wing opposition to President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, deriding it as “Star Wars.”

“All of those people are now like, ‘Well, this much weaker Russia is our biggest problem facing the United States.'” she said.

“Meanwhile, you have people on television like Joy Reid who thinks that anyone who isn’t beating the war drums is basically a Kremlin apologist,” Ingraham noted before playing a clip from MSNBC’s “The Reid Out.”

“Trump’s ties to Russia, the help his campaign accepted from them, and his adoration of Vladimir Putin are all too real,” she claimed. “And worse, Trump’s Putin love has seemed to infect many in his party – so much so that the Republican Party, once a stalwart opponent of Soviet aggression during the Cold War, are now essentially Kremlin apologists.”

Subsequent investigations have found no Trump-Russia ties. Also, a recent filing by special counsel John Durham indicates that operatives within Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign may have spied on Trump’s campaign in a bid to create a false “Russian collusion” narrative.

“That woman, who is a moron,” Carlson stated unequivocally, “went to Harvard. I went to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. So, who’s got the privilege exactly? This is someone who’s not capable of thinking clearly, or expressing herself clearly, or writing a coherent sentence.”

“And she got into Harvard!” Carlson continued. “So, it does tell you that our system is producing, is elevating, and producing like, the most mediocre people imaginable. And that’s the core problem.

“And they run every American institution – these people who’ve been brought up through a system that is designed to create compliant, braindead, dumb leaders. And it’s doing that very effectively, obviously,” he added.