Matt Gaetz Pushes Trump To Make Key Political Decision if GOP Wins Back House

Rep. Matt Gaetz said in a Tuesday interview he is imploring former President Donald Trump to make a key political decision ahead of the November midterms, should Republicans win back the House.

In an interview with former Trump foreign policy adviser Sebastian Gorka’s America’s First show, the Florida Republican said he pitched Trump on the idea again of becoming Speaker of the House.

“I just think America deserves that moment when Nancy Pelosi hands Donald Trump the gavel,” the GOP lawmaker said.

“I told him you don’t even have to be Speaker for the whole day,” Gaetz said. “You could do it for like three or four hours, give us a great speech, make a few structural reforms to the institution and then you could resign and we could have another election for Speaker.”

Gaetz said he mentioned the idea again to Trump the evening before he appeared on Gorka’s program, but added, “I don’t know if I’ve fully got him to swallow the hook.”

Under the Constitution, the Speaker does not have to be a sitting member of Congress. Only one vote is needed to nominate someone to the position.

The GOP lawmaker said he spoke to Trump about the idea in December as well during an interview at a Turning Point USA conference, though he did not provide reporters with details.


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