GOP Gets More Good News In New Pre-Midterm Survey

Republicans got some more good news ahead of the 2022 midterm elections in November on Tuesday.

According to a survey commissioned by the Convention of States and conducted by the Trafalgar Group, GOP candidates out-poll Democrats in generic matchups by double digits.

The Daily Wire reports:

The poll of 1,073 likely midterm voters, conducted by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States action, found that respondents favored Republicans in the generic ballot by nearly 13 points; 54.4% of respondents favored a Republican candidate in the midterm elections, while just 41.9% favored a Democratic candidate.

The poll also asked respondents if they thought Republicans would “follow through on their promises to block or undo President Joe Biden’s agenda” if they took control of the House and Senate after the midterms.

The plurality of voters, 46.1% were “very confident” Republicans would follow through on their promises, 35% were “somewhat confident,” 10.7% were “not very confident,” and 8.2% were “not confident at all.” Notably, a majority of voters who backed Democrats said they were “very confident” Republicans would follow through, while 39.1% of Republican backers were “very confident.” Another 43.6% of Republican supporters and 24.7% of Democrat supporters were “somewhat confident.”

Trafalgar also polled respondents on several key issues. On the border, respondents were asked, “Do you believe the southern border should be secured and illegal border crossers returned to their country of origin?” A massive majority of voters, 67.3%, responded “yes,” while just 18.2% said “no,” and 14.6% were undecided.

Those who supported Republican candidates were significantly more likely to agree that the border should be secured. Fully 94% of voters who backed Republican candidates said yes, while just 1.8% said no, and 4.2% were unsure. Conversely, just 32.6% of Democrat supporters said the border should be secured, while 37.9% said no, and 29.6% were unsure. 

Respondents were also asked about whether they believed that Fentanyl from China being trafficked across the border was the leading contributor to overdose deaths in the U.S. A majority, 56.3%, said yes, including 80.6% of Republican supporters and 26.6% of Democrat supporters.

“It’s clear from this data that Republicans remain far ahead in this race, and if they win, voters believe they will deliver. However, these numbers also spell danger for Republicans. GOP leadership has not laid out clearly what they would do if they are elected, and voters feel very strongly about action being taken on issues from law and order to the border to inflation and the economy,” , president of Convention of States Action.

“If voters get wind that their priorities are not being taken seriously, and lose confidence in Republicans to deliver, these numbers could shift dramatically,” he added.


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