WATCH: Carlson Blasts Establishment GOP For Siding With Dems To Defend Ukraine, Ignore U.S. Borders

Fox News host Tucker Carlson railed at establishment Republicans during his Friday monologue for siding with Democrats and the Biden administration seeking to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty while ignoring U.S. border security.

“Is that what Republican voters want? Let’s see. If you ask them, they probably say why don’t we send as much military equipment to the Texas border as we did to the Russian border? If someone says it out loud, that may be the entire country could assess how grotesque Washington’s priorities are,” Carlson noted.

“Speaking of grotesque priorities, Senator John Cornyn represents Texas. Texas is a state that’s had well over 1 million foreign nationals pour into it illegally over the last year. Right over the border,” he added.

“That is a far bigger invasion than anything Vladimir Putin is planning in Ukraine. And yet when John Cornyn talks about border security, he’s not talking about his own state or even his own country. He’s talking about Ukrainian border security,” the host said.

The host went on to note that stoking war with Russia, which would be catastrophic, has become a “bipartisan effort.”

“You remember Russia-gate. You thought Republicans would never fall for that again? No, they internalize the whole thing,” said the host. “They now believe Russia is our greatest enemy. They are the existential threat. All eyes on Putin. They could stop this tomorrow. If Mitch McConnell criticized the build-up to the war with Putin, it would end immediately.”

“If five Republicans held a press conference tomorrow to declare that the territorial integrity of the United States is more important than the territorial integrity of Ukraine, this couldn’t continue. The lunacy would end,” he continued.

“But they are not doing that. Instead, Republicans are every bit as hysterical about Russia as Adam Schiff ever was.”

Carlson then showed clips of an exchange between a reporter and Pentagon spokesman Ned Price, who accused the journalist of sounding like “Alex Jones” after asking Price for evidence that Russia is planning a “false flag” to justify an invasion of Ukraine, a claim the Biden administration has been making for a few weeks.

“One correction, Alex Jones lies far less and is far more credible than Ned Price is,” Carlson asserted. “You see the point. Ned Price lost that exchange. He claimed to have information that he did not have, and Matt Lee persistently called him out on it. So Ned Price ran out of B.S. The B.S. barrel was empty.”

“So what did Ned Price do then?” Carlson said. “Ned Price did what they all do when they are cornered. He went right to the lowest personal attack. He didn’t call Matt Lee racist, he’s probably saving that for next week, but he did suggest Matt Lee is more sympathetic to Russia than he is to his own country, the United States. He implied Matt Lee is a shill for Vladimir Putin.”

Carlson concluded that neoconservative Republicans and Democrats are getting away with their push for war with Russia because there isn’t any “credible opposition” to it in Congress.

“But the truth is, their interests, their beliefs are so far out of alignment with the interests and beliefs of the average person in this country, including their own voters, that once that is exposed to light, they are in trouble,” Carlson said.

“Last point, this is only happening because there is no credible opposition to it in the Congress,” he said.