Actress Gina Carano Trends Over Alleged Double Standard in Whoopi Goldberg Suspension Over Holocaust Comment

Actress Gina Carano trended on social media after ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg received a two-week suspension following highly controversial comments about the Holocaust.

Carano, of “The Mandalorian” fame, was fired by Disney, which owns ABC, after she made an observation about the Holocaust based on a historical photo.

“Notably, Carano was canned from Disney+ show … supposedly over a social media post she published to Instagram that made a Holocaust comparison,” The Daily Wire reported Wednesday.

“Goldberg, who contended on-air that Jews were not targeted and exterminated because of their race, was slapped with a two-week suspension by ABC, which is owned by Disney,” the outlet continued.

The apparent double standard was noticed on social media.

“Gina Carano was fired by Disney, which owns ABC over an Instagram post comparing inhumane restrictions and dehumanization to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews,” posted Ian Miles Cheong. “Whoopi Goldberg got a two week vacation from ABC for minimizing the Holocaust as ‘y’all whites against whites.’”

“Keep in mind that Disney owns ABC,” noted RedState’s Bonchie.

“Disney fired Gina Carano for making was [sic], at worst, an ill-advised holocaust comparison. Even then, she was actually alluding to the seriousness of the event. Yet, Whoopi Goldberg will keep her job. Guaranteed,” Bonchie added.

“Why is it that Rosanne [Barr] (a Jewish woman) gets canceled for off color remarks but Whoopi’s gets a total pass for antisemitism and downplaying the Holocaust?” Donald Trump Jr. wrote. “I can’t help but notice that only people on the right face consequences for their mistakes.”

“Once again, Disney is making it clear there’s a double standard for employees based on their political opinions. Whoopi Goldberg gets a slap on the wrist for something far worse than anything Gina Carano got fired for,” said Ryan Kinel. 

“The media are crying that ABC suspended long-time racist [Whoopi Goldberg],” lamented Outkick’s Bobby Burack, “yet cheered when Disney, ABC’s parent company, fired [Gina Carano] for far less egregious comments about the Holocaust. Add it up.”

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“They’ve asked Whoopi to take some time off to reflect,” said radio host Joe Pags. “[Roseanne Barr] was just shown the door and stripped of her life’s work. [Gina Carano] shown the door for posting something historically correct about Jews. Get your head on straight ABC/Disney.”

“Roseanne: Fired over a tweet Gina Carano: Fired over an Instagram post Whoopi Goldberg: makes racist/anti-Semitic statements about the Holocaust and gets a slap on the wrist,” commented Brigitte Gabriel. “Liberal privilege is real!”