GOP Lawmaker Says Party Will Hold Biden ‘Accountable’ Over Migrant Flights

A Republican lawmaker said during a Thursday interview that President Biden’s policy of flying illegal immigrants to remote locations within states “in the dead of night” is a “betrayal” of the American people, who deserve “real answers.”

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) also told Fox News that “I do expect Congress to hold him accountable” if and when the GOP retakes control of the Legislative Branch.

Comer was more cautious about impeachment, however, saying that the party will first “focus on winning the elections in November.”

“The president owes answers to the American people,” Comer said in response to Fox News videos quoting government contractors and police exposing and commenting on the secret migrant flights.

“This is just like every disaster in the Biden administration. They don’t want to talk about it. The mainstream media continues to give Joe Biden a free pass,” he continued.

“The only time they ever bark back at Biden is if he lets off the gas in some kind of progressive policy…But with his actions here and the Homeland Security secretary’s actions, I mean, this is something that I do fully expect a Republican majority to hold President Biden accountable,” the Kentucky Republican continued.

“You know, when you talk about impeachment, President Trump was impeached by a Democrat House twice, but then it goes over to the Senate, where it takes a lot of votes, and it’s a much more difficult task,” he added.

“But I can promise you one thing, that when the Republicans are in the majority of the House, we’re going to march every Biden Cabinet secretary over to have to answer to the American people.

“We’re going to ask the questions that every American deserves to have answers for. And they’re going to have to provide answers. They’re going to be under oath,” he said.

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“And you know, Joe Biden has got a lot of explaining to do to people who are going to look out their window and see illegals that have been transported in the dead of night into their neighborhood,” he added.

Comer then said: “But I don’t think Republicans need to take our eye off the ball just yet. We need to focus on winning the elections in November. Were going to continue to probe. I know that I spoke with Jim Jordan over the weekend, and he’s got plenty of investigations ongoing in Judiciary. We have as well, in Oversight.”

“We knew they were doing something with these illegals. Until this video came out to actually prove it, we didn’t know exactly how they were transporting these illegals from one point to the other, but the American people do not want these people in their neighborhoods,” added Comer.

“And this is something Joe Biden has snuck around, it’s illegal. And I do expect Congress to hold him accountable.”