Former Top Clinton Adviser Dick Morris Explains Why Biden Aides Are Attacking Kamala Harris

Dick Morris, a former top political adviser to President Bill Clinton, addressed attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris by aides to President Joe Biden during an interview with “The Cats Roundtable” radio show earlier this week.

Morris said that he believes Biden’s aides are sniping at Harris because they are concerned she will try to invoke the 25th Amendment to have Biden removed for being mentally unfit to lead.

He began by referencing a New York Times article that “talks about how Harris is not ready for prime time. She was antagonizing her staff. She screwed up on the trip to the border.”

The former Clinton adviser said he believes the leak for the story “must have undoubtedly come from the Biden forces.”

Morris said that makes the most sense: “The rumor I keep hearing from sources close to the White House is that Biden is getting worse. That the dementia is really becoming noticeable and harder to control and harder to camouflage.

“I believe there may be a move coming to invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden and replace him with Harris,” Morris predicted.

“Biden’s people are pushing back against it by shooting at Harris and saying that she’s not really ready to be president,” Morris added.

He said it’s clear to him the leaks to the Times came from Biden’s allies because “the only reason for them to do that [is to push back] against the 25th Amendment coup.”

Morris added that “the Democrats are realizing they’re cooked in 2022… They will lose the House. The Senate, they might also lose. I think that there is a sense of panic among Democrats.”

White House insiders have been painting a picture of total chaos and discontent between Biden and Harris, according to CNN.

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“Kamala Harris is a leader but is not being put in positions to lead,” a top Democratic donor said. “[Biden] should be putting her in positions to succeed, as opposed to putting weights on her. If you did give her the ability to step up and help her lead, it would strengthen you and strengthen the party.”

“That chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit, according to one person who’s heard it,” CNN reported.

“She’s perceived to be in such a weak position that top Democrats in and outside of Washington have begun to speculate privately, asking each other why the White House has allowed her to become so hobbled in the public consciousness, at least as they see it,” the report said. “Republicans and right-wing media turned Harris into a political target from the moment she was picked for the ticket. And implicit racism and sexism have been constant.”