Democrat Senator Says Justice Breyer’s Replacement on SCOTUS Shouldn’t Base Rulings Just on Law

A Democratic senator said Wednesday following news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire that whoever replaces him shouldn’t rely solely on U.S. law or the Constitution when issuing rulings.

Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii told MSNBC she would like the new justice to “consider the impact … on people in our country so that they are not making decisions just based on” the law.

“What I’m looking for is a justice who can be fair and impartial and who does not have an ideological ax to grind, which is what we saw — as far as I’m concerned — in President Trump’s nominees, including to the Supreme Court,” Hirono, whose political views veer far left, said.

“So, yes, I am expecting a fight, but there you have it,” she continued.

“And I’m looking for someone who’s going to be, not only highly qualified, as all of the people that you already talked about are, but who really brings to the judiciary the kind of diversity that I’d like, that — someone who will consider the impact, the effects of whatever decision-making is on people in our country so that they are not making decisions just based on…law,” she added.

She then returned to her desire for decision-making to be based on “effects,” adding, “which would be nice, and precedent, and who are not eagerly trying to get rid of decades of precedent that would protect a woman’s right to choose, for example, and voting rights, etc.

“But I’d like a justice who also will take into consideration the real-life impact of the decisions he or she will be making,” Hirono continued.

On Wednesday, reports noted that Breyer, appointed by former President Bill Clinton, planned to retire, which immediately led to much speculation about who President Joe Biden would nominate to replace him.

One name, in particular, turned heads: Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Fox News host Harris Faulkner floated the notion during the network’s “Outnumbered” program, featuring guest Jonathan Turley, a noted constitutional expert and professor at George Washington University Law School.

“The timing here is rather conspicuous,” Turley said, noting that the far left had begun calling for Breyer’s resignation several months ago, even turning to social media and billboards to drive their point home.

“The liberals want to put a younger person on the court,” Turley explained. “That type of thing isn’t done, it wasn’t necessary but is also incredibly disrespectful so this is not the way that this man should have retired with this sort of mob baying at his heels simply because they want a younger person.”

“So this person has to be a woman, she has to be black and she has to be younger. Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? They don’t know what to do with Kamala Harris in the White House right now. I can’t be the only person seeing this,” Faulkner replied.