Trump Vows, ‘We Are Going to Take Back the White House’ In Fiery First Rally of 2022

Former President Donald Trump pledged that Republicans would retake the White House in two years during a fiery speech in Florence, Ariz., Saturday evening.

Trump vowed that a “red wave” ahead of the 2022 midterms would begin in the state while urging the large crowd to “get out and vote, and make sure it’s not a rigged vote, please.”

“This crowd is a massive symbol of what took place because the people are hungry for the truth: They want their country back,” Trump told the Save America rally attendees.

“I want their country back between the open borders and the bad elections, and we were always thought of a beautiful country that had fair elections, and now we’re laughing stock all over the world for many reasons,” he continued.

“A great red wave is going to begin right here in Arizona, and it’s going to sweep across this country,” Trump said, pointing first to the significance of the 2022 midterms to bring Republicans back into the majority in Congress.

“I do believe that 2024 will be even more important, [but] this is the year we are going to take back the House, we are going to take back the Senate, and we are going to take back America. This is so important,” he said, adding this prediction: “And, in 2024 we are going to take back the White House.”

The former president also returned to a familiar refrain: That the 2020 election was “rigged” against him, blasting the media for claiming that it wasn’t.

“They always talk about the big lie, the big lie, but the fake news in the lamestream media refused and they refused, they refused, they refused to talk about it,” Trump said.

“They continue to refuse to talk about it. They say, ‘while it is unsubstantiated’ and ‘the big lie.’

“The big lie is a lot of bullsh**. That’s what it is, because they’re in the pocket of the radical left Democrats, the same people who are destroying our country,” he said.

At another point, Trump pivoted to foreign policy and blasted President Joe Biden.

“Biden has utterly humiliated our nation on the world stage,” Trump said. “Putin is not only threatening Ukraine. I don’t know if you’ve been reading about this, but now he’s threatening to go into Cuba and Venezuela.

“That’s a lack of respect, and we never had that problem, did we? There was no problem with Putin and Ukraine. There was no problem with [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] in Taiwan,” Trump said.

“China, Russia, and Iran are engaging in aggression and provocations; they never would have dared do just one year ago. They would never have done any of this. They’re toying with us.”

He also excoriated the Biden administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a criminal agenda what they’re doing; they’re mishandling it so badly,” Trump said, adding a rebuke of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Biden’s made him the big person; he’s like the king,” Trump said to boos from the crowd. “Fauci is the king.”