Newt Gingrich Explains Why He Sees GOP Landslide In 2022 Midterms

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich explained on Tuesday why he believes his Republican Party is destined for massive gains in Congress during the 2022 midterm elections later this year.

Appearing on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” the Georgia Republican responded to remarks and questions from co-host Dana Perino, who noted that voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams of his home state refused to appear with President Biden in Atlanta Tuesday as he stumped for a federal voting reform law.

Specifically, Gingrich said he thought that Abrams stayed away because Biden is politically toxic right now for Democrats.

“I think Stacey Abrams is very smart,” he said, “I think she realizes that a photo-op next to President Biden [and] Vice President Harris hurts her. It doesn’t help her. I think she also agrees with the civil rights groups who think this thing is all phony.”

BizPac Review adds:

He went on to say that Democrats will never get the bill through. After all, it is the second such attempt at massive federalization of elections and no one is buying what the Democrats are selling.

Gingrich went on to explain what folly it is for the president to put so much energy into something that is so sure to fail, when he should be aiming his energy toward remedying crippling gas and food prices; the crisis at the border and supply chain issues, and all of that to say nothing of COVID testing chaos.

“It’s very puzzling how much they’re owned by the radicals, and keep doing these dances that just plan fail,” Gingrich said of the Biden administration.

“They keep trying to dig their way deeper, not dig their way out,” Gingrich added, noting that Democrats around the country appear to be doubling down on policies that do not play well with the majority of the country, such as giving non-citizens in New York City the right to vote in local elections.

“Look, I think the best strategy is simple: It ain’t working. You go stand at a gas station and watch people put gas in–it ain’t working. Go to a grocery store and look at the price of beef. It ain’t working. Go look at the 120 ships sitting off of Long Beach. It ain’t working. Go to the border,” Gingrich added.

“The mayor of Yuma declares an emergency because there is a 2,500 percent increase in the number of people coming across the border in his town. It ain’t working,” he continued.

“I think that if Republicans just run on ‘this ain’t working,’ they’ll probably win a landslide of historic proportion in both the House and Senate.”

Co-host Bill Hemmer agreed, concluding, “I think we’ve got the title of your next column: ‘It ain’t working!’”