DeSantis Explains Why Biden Targets Florida in Levin Interview

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis joined Fox News host Mark Levin on Sunday to discuss a variety of topics, including how the popular Sunshine State leader views his relationship with the Biden administration.

In particular, DeSantis says he sees the constant attacks on his state by President Biden and others within his administration as a way to distract from failures to deal with the pandemic.

BizPac Review noted:

During the interview which aired Sunday evening, DeSantis suggested that the real reason for the ongoing trashing of states like Florida and Texas is that Biden is looking for scapegoats in order to distract from his own abysmal results on containing COVID despite his insistence that he was better suited to get the pandemic under control and restore the country to normalcy than former President Donald J. Trump.

Levin pointed out that Biden, his top medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci as well as the media have avoided talking about the option of mAb, asking the governor whether such an omission was a “grave disservice to the American people and the health care system.”

“I think when you look back at how the pandemic was handled there will be a whole host of cardinal sins but some of the chief ones will be the school closures, kids are locked out of school for over a year, we have schools closed now in parts of the country, unbelievably,” the Florida Republican said.

“The extended lockdowns, the lockdowns were a disaster, but not focusing on treatment from the very beginning was a huge mistake and Fauci and people like him are absolutely to blame for this and so, once we did get these treatments online through the private sector, to ignore them and to put all your eggs in one basket was a fundamental mistake,” he added.

“Now the question is, Biden did mention it once, he mentioned it after, right before they cut our supply, he said we’re gonna ramp up monoclonal antibodies and then he turns around and cuts the supply, we’ve not seen the ramp-up, he had months and months after this was demonstrated to be effective, to be ready for this and we haven’t seen that,” DeSantis added.

“I don’t think they’re ultimately gonna embrace it, I think that they just have tunnel vision in terms of how they want to handle this, it hasn’t worked, obviously.”

Continuing, he said, “Remember, he demagogued Donald Trump during the campaign, saying Trump was to blame for COVID even though China was to blame for COVID, saying Biden would shut down the virus if he was elected president, it was a ridiculous thing to say, it was demagogic.”

“He gets in and now you see, cases and all this like no one ever anticipated was even possible and so that’s kind of his central promise of his campaign totally up in smoke and so I think as a result of that they try to find scapegoats and I think trying to fight with Florida or Texas is just one of the things that they do to divert attention from their failure,” DeSantis noted.