White House Roasted Over Claim Biden Created Most Jobs ‘Ever’

The White House was widely mocked on social media Friday by users who clapped back at the administration’s claim that Joe Biden as president has created the most jobs “ever.”

The administration posted a graphic indicating that Biden has created far more jobs than any previous president, and while the figures from the Labor Department appear to be accurate, they lack important context.

“The graphic – which appeared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – was posted just hours after a disappointing jobs report showed hiring had fallen far below expectations in December,” Fox News .

The network added:

The talking point that Biden has created more jobs than any other president is a favorite of his – but he isn’t factoring in population and labor-force growth, or the fact that many of the jobs recently gained had been lost during a sharp drop in employment because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The economy is still 5 million jobs under the peak reached before the pandemic, according to Politifact

Social media users had fun with the White House post, especially the claim that under former President Trump, the country saw a net average job loss each month, considering his administration broke employment records and brought the country to its lowest unemployment rate before the pandemic since the 1970s.

“what world do you guys live in?!” one commenter wrote, along with several laughing and clown emojis.

“This is a joke right?” another wrote.

“I do have to say one thing this administration is great at is skewing charts and graphs,” wrote another.

“Who’s here for the comments lol,” another user joked.

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“I don’t think ‘created’ means what you think it does……” someone else added.

Biden defended the economy under his watch on Friday.

“There’s been a lot of press coverage about people quitting their jobs,” he said from the White House. “Well, today’s report tells you why – Americans are moving up to better jobs. This is the kind of recovery I promised and hoped for, for the American people.”

Economic experts had expected 400,000 new jobs to be added in the last report of the year, but in reality, just 199,000 were created, according to the Labor Dept.