‘Everything You Said’: ‘Full House’ Alum Cameron Candace Bure Cheers Twitter Thread Citing Leftist Policies as ‘Threat to Democracy’

Cameron Candace Bure of “Full House” fame took to social media on Thursday to voice her approval for a Twitter thread posted by conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey, who responded to Democratic remarks on the anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Bure, who is known as one of the entertainment industry’s few open conservatives, with “Everything you said” followed by several clapping emojis to Stuckey’s post.

Here is what Stuckey wrote:

The idea that the biggest threat to democracy comes from the right is nothing more than projection. With all the institutional power in the world, leftism consistently seeks to limit free speech, religious liberty, the right to self-defense, medical freedom, & so much more. 

Take a gander at the world right now and see where people’s rights to work, travel, and move freely are being trampled on. See where parental rights & the rights to free speech & worship are being constrained. Are these right-wing nations? No. They are “progressive.” 

In a nation where a girl is praised for cutting off her breasts & calling herself a boy, & a man can become the “first woman” to do xyz because he now goes by Sally, but a person who won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding has his life ruined, our biggest problem ain’t conservatism. 

We have been warned by intellectuals for decades that the Christian nationalist fascist state is imminent. Not only has it never come close to fruition, but we have become far more secular, & our views have become more liberal over the years, especially over the last 10. 

As we’ve polarized, the left has moved much farther to the left on every issue than the right has moved to the right. In fact, on gay marriage & immigration, Republicans have moved to the left.

And as the left, and the country in general, has moved further to the left, they’ve become extremely intolerant of others’ views. This study shows how overwhelmingly more tolerant of people’s opposing political opinions Republicans are than Democrats.

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94% of a Republicans saying they’d be friends with someone who voted for the opposing candidate, vs 64% of Democrats, doesn’t exactly support the idea that Republicans are the ones intent on conforming others to their views.

Are there conservatives & professing Christians who want to implement a Christian theocracy? Sure, even though there is no Biblical directive to do so. But more likely is that Christians, just like secular progressives, think their value system is a good basis for society.

Every law speaks to a worldview. The question is, which one? Nothing is neutral. Christianity has offered a foundation for laws in the West that have, over time, accomplished more freedom & flourishing than any system in history. Secularism has a much more oppressive track record

So, if you’re scared for the future of democracy, look at those in power actually taking away people’s freedoms. If the only “freedom” you care about is the right to kill a child, and the limitation of that freedom is what you consider authoritarian, then evaluate your worldview.