Rep. Lauren Boebert Goes Viral With 2020 Campaign Clip of Biden

Freshman Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado went viral on Thursday after tweeting a clip from a 2020 campaign speech featuring then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden appearing to flub a word.

“It’s almost the end of 2021 and I’ve yet to see Biden mobilize truinternatialdepressure like he promised. What’s the hold up?” Boebert tweeted.

Shortly afterward, she sent another tweet clarifying what she meant — including a video clip of Biden on the campaign trail in 2020 in which he engaged in a bit of word salad with “truinternatialdepressure.”

“I see many of the uninformed basement dwellers missed this moment of Biden’s campaign. Not surprising, sadly,” she added.

Biden has been increasingly scrutinized for what seems to be a frequent inability to clearly enunciate words or keep track of his thoughts.

In August, Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy criticized first lady Jill Biden for “letting” her husband run for the presidency though she had to be aware of what appears to be his mental status decline since leaving the vice presidency in January 2017.

“I look at this and I think, well, we had a president who was impeached over a phone call. This looks like a much more impeachable offense, if you ask me,” Campos-Duffy said regarding the then-still-unfolding crisis in Afghanistan.

“I know that’s probably, you know, technically it’s probably not,” she said, referencing former President Donald Trump, whose first impeachment came over allegations he engaged in a ‘quid pro quo’ with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, though the Senate acquitted him.

“But when you look at what’s hurting America, when you look at this lack of leadership, and you wonder, who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent and frankly, this, you know, mentally frail, in this position?” she added.

“And that’s, yes, of course, the media, many people are saying you had some people on your show this week who were suggesting it was Susan Rice and Obama, and maybe Valerie Jarrett,” she added, former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser and close personal advisor, respectively.

“I’m sorry, as a political spouse, I can’t help but look at Jill Biden,” Campos-Duffy added.

“No one knew better his state of mind than Jill, Dr. Jill Biden,” she said.

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“And if you ask me, the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband, to love her husband, and not let him run in this mental state that he’s in. I think she failed the country as well,” the Fox News host added.

Rep. Dr. Ronnie Jackson, R-Texas, the White House physician for three presidents, has also said frequently that he believes Biden’s mental status has declined to the point where it has become a liability for the country.

“Biden, once again, has failed us. He’s embarrassed as internationally,” Jackson told “Fox & Friends.”

“And you know, honestly, it is time for him to leave. I’ve been saying this for a long time. I’ve been saying that he’s not, he’s not cognitively prepared to be our president,” Jackson added.