Lindsey Graham Makes Stunning Prediction About Future Trump Run: It All Depends

Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke on the issue of whether former President Donald Trump will run again in 2024 during a Wednesday evening appearance on Fox News.

Specifically, the South Carolina Republican told host Pete Hegseth that this time next year, he believes Trump will announce another run at the White House because he believes that Republicans will win back control of both congressional chambers.

“In 1994 we won 73 seats to take over the Congress, the House for the first time in 40 years. If we play our cards right, we will exceed that,” Graham said.

Hegseth responded: “You mentioned Donald Trump, senator. Is he the nominee in 2024 right now?”

“Yeah, if he wants it. Unless there is something coming out of left field I don’t see coming, it’s his nomination if he wants it. The Republican base appreciated him. We don’t appreciate all of the things he does sometimes, but from a policy point of view, he was the most successful president from a conservative’s point of view since Ronald Reagan. It is his nomination if he wants it,” Graham said.

The GOP senator went on to make another prediction.

“And he will be in the White House in 2024 if he runs a disciplined campaign. And what he should do, in my humble opinion, is remind people how he secured the border, how he took the fight to ISIS, destroyed the Caliphate, how we were so much better off internationally — the Iran deal is a nightmare in the making for Israel — regained energy independence,” said Graham.

“So I think 2024 is President Trump’s election to lose, quite frankly. 2022 is a blowout year for the Republicans in the House and the Senate if we’ll talk about policy,” he added.

“This is the year for the Republicans to take back the Senate, 2022, and when we get back the Senate, we’re gonna stop this socialist agenda and we’re gonna shape the battlefield. 2024, I think about this time,” he noted further.

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“Next year, Donald Trump’s gonna announce he’s gonna run for president in 2024. So if we have the House and Senate, we should do a couple of things. One, do good things for the American people, but also bring up issues that help our nominee, which I think will be Trump,” he noted further.

“The differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party — bring up bills that are tough on crime, bring up bills that would secure the border, bring up bills that would stand firmly behind Israel,” Graham continued.

“So if we get the House in the Senate, we have a chance to shape the battlefield. That’s why it’s so important that we take back both bodies,” Graham added.