Survey Finds That Corporate CEOs Have A Lot More Drive to Push ‘Woke’ Messaging Than the General Public Wants: Poll Finds CEOs Are Vastly Out of Step With Americans On Issues

A substantial majority of corporate executives believe it is important for them to speak out on ‘woke’ social issues but they vastly outnumber the percentage of Americans who share that sentiment.

A new survey has found that CEOs are “out of step” with the public on speaking about social issues.

After polling executives and voters, The Brunswick Group found a significant gap between the two groups:

Only a minority of voters (36%) agree unequivocally that companies should speak out on social issues, compared to 63% of corporate executives.

Corporate executives have a highly inflated sense of how effective corporate communication has been on social issues compared to voters. While nearly 3-in-4 corporate executives (74%) think that communication on this topic has been effective, only 39% of voters can say the same.

This shows how corporate executives vastly overestimate the effectiveness of companies that choose to communicate on these issues. In short, the gap arises when what you say and what you do don’t align.

Though The Brunswick Group pollsters did not act surprised that “Trump voters are less open to companies speaking out on social issues than Biden voters,” they did note that “even Biden voters think corporate executives need to weigh in less.”

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In recent weeks, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis noted the rise in “wokeness” among corporate execs at an annual meeting for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. He told the CEOs assembled that he would take action against employers using corporate “power” to forward ideologies.

“If you’re using your power as a corporation, and you’re leveraging that to try to advance any ideology, I think it’s very dangerous for this country and I’m not just gonna sit idly by,” DeSantis said. “Do you want to be more of a political actor or more of a business actor?”

“Don’t ever think that caving to the mob is going to save your bacon,” DeSantis warned. “That’s just going to cause them to come back more.”

“You know, if you do it, you are also going to come by some people on the other side, like me, who are going to say well, wait a minute, if you’re going to criticize what we’re doing I may criticize some of the things you are doing,” he added.

“I may look under the hood and not like some things … I got a podium. I got cameras that will follow me around. Maybe I’ll go talk about that a little bit. And so, I think it’s something that’s very damaging.”

Super Bowl-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently told a sports program this week that he’s not about “woke cancel culture” in pushing back against critics who bashed him over a viral trash-talking incident on Sunday.

During a win over the Chicago Bears earlier in the season, the Green Bay future hall-of-famer was caught on a hot mic jawing at fans after he ran in for a six-yard touchdown.

“All my f**king life, I own you,” he shouted. “I still own you. I still own you.”

He later went on the Pat McAfee Show to discuss the cultural shift to the left in many quarters.

“There’s a PC woke culture that exists,” the QB told Pat McAfee. “And there’s a Cancel Culture at the same time, and it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe personal [misery] or distaste for their own situations or life or just the enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb.”

He went on to say there is no winning a cancel culture battle.

“When you engage in this culture, you’re immersed in it and you’re in it so much,” he said. “For me, when I took time in the offseason to work on myself and to work on my mental status, and to get myself in the right frame of mind, I was being selfish. Or nonresponsive, selfish, and entitled. When I came back and said what I said … the same sentiments were shared.”

“Pick a topic, from my family to my leadership style. … They run with these stories, and when I respond to it … then I’m being sensitive,” Rodgers explained further.

The Green Bay legend made sure to point out that he’s not part of the “PC woke culture,” and that he’s refusing to “play the game.”