New Polling Data Rolls in for Biden And It’s Not Good: President Was Already Losing Support Among Traditional Constituents But Now He’s Beginning to Lose Younger Voters, Independents

President Biden’s approval rating continues to take a hit, according to a new survey that historically has been accurate.

A new Harvard Public Opinion Project survey of young adults ages 18-29 saw the president’s approval tank 13 points since spring, with a double-digit drop among Democrats and Independents.

Biden’s approval among the demographic was nearing 60% back in March, but that has declined as he now has a 51% disapproval rate among the same group.

“The slippage is consistent with other polling, which portrays an across-the-board polling rut for the president,” Politico reported.

“ And it’s a warning sign ahead of next year’s midterm elections, when Democrats will be trying to convince younger voters — who are more likely to sit out non-presidential elections — to show up at the polls,” the outlet continued.

The Daily Wire adds:

The president’s popularity as a whole across the country hasn’t been much better. One recent poll out of Utah found that nearly two-thirds of Utahns disapprove of Biden. 

While 63% disapproved of his job, only 32% still approved of the administration. 

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“Although Utah doesn’t have the same battleground status as other states in the Southwest, the data is telling a similar story in Utah as it has told in Arizona and Nevada: Voters across the aisle are increasingly disappointed in the job Biden is doing, and they are turning their frustrations to Democratic officeholders and candidates,” said Mike Noble, a researcher with the group who conducted the poll.

The poll also asked respondents what they thought about American exceptionalism and the possibility of civil war. Indeed, large pluralities of those surveyed also think there is a strong likelihood of civil war in the future.

“Nearly half (46%) of young Republicans place the chances of a second civil war at 50% or higher, compared to 32% of Democrats, and 38% of independent and unaffiliated voters,” the poll found.

And over half told pollsters that they wanted the government to do more to combat climate change, though this again varied heavily along party lines.

“More than seven-in-ten (71%) Democrats don’t think the government is doing enough, compared to 27% of Republicans, and 56% of independents,” the poll found, “Fourteen percent (14%) say that the government is doing ‘too much to address climate change,’ while 12 percent think it is ‘just about the right amount.’”

“When they look at the America they will soon inherit, they see a democracy and climate in peril — and Washington as more interested in confrontation than compromise,” he said.

A plurality of U.S. voters want Democrat President Joe Biden out of office in 2022 as his approval rating continues to fall to new lows, according to a just-released USA Today/Suffolk University survey.

Here are the 10 responses to the question about what voters say they want Biden to do by next year’s 2022 midterms:

  1. Resign/retire/quit – 20%
  2. Economy/jobs – 11%
  3. Unite/help the country – 8%
  4. Immigration/border control – 8%
  5. COVID/mandates – 6%
  6. Infrastructure bills – 5%
  7. Inflation – 4%
  8. Health care – 3%
  9. Climate change/environment – 3%
  10. Bipartisanship – 3%