Alveda King, Niece of Civil Rights Icon Martin Luther King, Sounds of On SCOTUS Abortion Case; Casts Aspersions at ‘Marxist’ BLM Organization

Dr. Alveda King, niece of the famous civil rights icon, the late Martin Luther King, gave her views on an abortion case argued Wednesday before the U.S. Supreme Court, while going on to rip the Black Lives Matter movement as being run by “wealthy Marxists.”

In an interview with Just The News’ John Solomon, King — who attended Wednesday’s hearing and heard 90 minutes of oral argument — said it appears as though most justices are preparing to revise Roe v. Wade, the 1973 SCOTUS ruling legalizing abortion in all states.

“Well, you know, Roe v. Wade is really bad law,” King told Solomon. “There’s so many holes in what was decided in 1973 that can easily be refuted today.

“They didn’t know if [a fetus] was really life, they didn’t know if it was a blob of tissue, a lump of flesh. Now we know through 3-  and 4D ultrasounds very early that that is a human being. There are so many things that had not been considered. They didn’t know how damaging abortion is to a woman’s body and her health,” King added.

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is in regards to a 2018 law passed in Mississippi banning abortions after 15 weeks. The law was blocked right away by federal judges and has never been enforced.

Legal observers say the case marks the biggest and most significant challenge to ‘Roe’ since the initial ruling.

During arguments, King told Solomon she sensed “there was a lot of support” from the six right-leaning justices for upholding the state law. She added that “anybody who is a rational thinker, or a sincere heart, who cares about human dignity — you could come from either perspective — knows that it’s time to overhaul that thing.”

King said she believes the court should reverse itself and allow states to once again decide how best to handle the procedure, like they used to do prior to the Roe decision and like they did after Congress passed a federal observance of MLK’s birthday in 1983, allowing states to pass their own observance if they chose to.

“Let’s give it back to the people and let the people really consider the issue and make those decisions state by state,” she said. “That’s what happened with the Martin Luther King holiday.

“I had been elected to the Georgia Legislature. I was a Democrat at the time, actually. But the holiday had to be ratified state by state … so letting the people decide state by state, that’s a very important move,” she contended.

King then responded to reports that BLM activists want to observe a a “black Xmas” this year and beyond, claiming that traditional Christmas is a tool of “white-supremacist capitalism.”

“Black Lives Matter, the movement is different from the organization or the group, which is a Marxist group funded by very rich Marxist people who want to destroy our democracy here in America,” she told Solomon. “And if we don’t know that we need to really look at it.”