Ron DeSantis Rips Mainstream Media’s Refusal to Provide More Details About Waukesha Suspect’s Alleged History of Anti-White Social Media Posts:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted the mainstream media during a press conference on Monday over what he sees as biased non-coverage regarding the suspect arrested in connection with the Waukesha, Wis., Christmas parade attack last month.

Specifically, DeSantis said that the suspect, Darrell Brooks, a black career criminal who was out on a “light” bond when he allegedly plowed into crowds and marchers at the parade, had an “anti-white animus” that the “corporate” media is refusing to cover because it does not fit a particular narrative.

Six people, including an 8-year-old boy, were killed in the attack while at least 60 others were injured. Several remain in critical condition; DeSantis and others believe the attack was “intentional.”

“And we’re seeing that right now in real-time with Waukesha, Wisconsin, in terms of what happened there,” said the GOP governor. “You will look at some of these corporate outlets and they will say that ‘an SUV drove into a parade of Christmas folks.’”

“You never actually hear the discussion about who committed this; what was the motivation?” DeSantis added.

“This guy was a career criminal let out on, didn’t really have any bail basically, should not have even been on the street, had clear, anti-white animus. And this was an intentional act,” he continued.

“And it seems like, you know, for corporate press, they’re more apt to characterize a parent who goes to a school board meeting to protest bad policies as a domestic terrorist than somebody who intentionally rams an SUV into a crowd of innocent people.”

“So, you have at least six have died, you have many more that have been injured,” DeSantis added.

The governor continued:

I know many people are in the hospital. And so let’s just be clear, this was not a car just driving in. This was an attack by a felon who did that, who should not have been on the street and we’ll see what the actual motivation was. It very well may have been in response to what happened with Kyle Rittenhouse.

And you have to wonder if that’s the case, almost surely, this guy’s view of Rittenhouse was was colored by all these media lies. He brought a rifle across state lines, that’s a lie. They said that the initial altercation with Jacob Blake, that Blake was unarmed, that’s a lie. They covered up Blake’s criminal history.

Blake was the black man shot by a Kenosha, Wis., police officer as he allegedly resisted arrest and was reaching for a knife, according to various reports.

DeSantis continued:

And then they said that Rittenhouse shot, and first of all, when you’re self-defense, it doesn’t matter, you know, kind of what race, but they would say that he shot, most people didn’t know that he shot three white people.

So, that’s what the media has been doing. And they tend to point a target on law enforcement’s back. But this is just wrong. And these lies have got to stop. And if it doesn’t fit your narrative, sweeping the facts under the rug is not doing the service that people deserve. It is what we expect, unfortunately, from a lot of these places, but it’s wrong.

And I think the way they’ve treated law enforcement across the board over the last two years has been an absolute disgrace. So let’s just be clear, they are not wanting to cover this Wisconsin thing for what it is, they are not wanting the facts to come out the way they are because the facts do not support their narrative. And it’s all about pursuing partisan narratives.