Harvard Professor Declares That Kyle Rittenhouse Should Not Only ‘Be Acquitted’ But That He Should Turn Around at Set His Sights on The ‘Deliberate And Willful Lies’ Produced by the Mainstream Media

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz believes that Kyle Rittenhouse ought to be acquitted of murder during his trial this week and then turn around and file lawsuits against various media outlets for smearing his repuation.

In an interview Sunday with Newsmax TV, Dershowitz said the teen, who is on trial for killing two men and wounded a third man during riots in Kenosha, Wis., in 2020, ought to be freed under the legal standard of “reasonable doubt” that he acted to defend himself.

Dershowitz went on to say that Rittenhouse should then sue various media organizations for spreading “deliberate and willful lies” about him during court proceedings.

“He should be acquitted,” Dershowitz said.

“If I were a juror, I would vote that there was reasonable doubt that he did act in self-defense, and then he’ll bring lawsuits and that’s the way to answer,” Dershowitz continued.

“I’ve sued CNN, the Covington people have sued CNN. You know, the idea is to make the media accountable for deliberate and willful lies, and that is consistent with the First Amendment,” he added.

“The bigger deal is that all of us civil libertarians, all the liberals, all the ACLU-types, The New Yorker, The New York Times, they all attack the judge for simply applying the Constitution,” he continued.

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“These phony civil libertarians couldn’t care less about due process, about free speech. All they want is due process for me, but not for thee,” Dershowitz added.

“They’re taking sides, They’re cheering, they’re rooting. The New Yorker, that trashy magazine, … already dubbed [Rittenhouse], without any evidence, the ‘American Vigilante,'” he said.

“People are picking sides, and they are picking on the judge because the judge has made some fair rulings under the Constitution,” he noted.

“If the judge had made, with the same attitude, rulings in favor of the prosecution, the civil libertarians, the liberals, the left, The New York Times would be praising him to the sky,” Dershowitz noted further.

“It’s so biased. We don’t have justice out there. We have partisan injustice,” he said.