Biden Finally Admits That Situation With the Migrant Crisis Along The Border Is ‘Of Grave Concern,’ But He’s Talking About The Border Between Belarus And Poland

President Joe Biden has finally admitted that there are problems along borders and they are “of grave concern.”

But he’s not talking about the U.S.-Mexico border; he’s talking about the border between Belarus and Poland, which there is also an unfolding migrant crisis.

“I think it’s of great concern,” Biden told reporters. “We’ve communicated our concern to Russia, we’ve communicated our concern to Belarus. We think it’s a problem.”

Fox News adds:

Biden spoke amid a rapidly escalating crisis in Europe, where thousands of migrants from the Middle East have gathered at the border between Poland and Belarus. Polish and European Union officials have accused Minsk of funneling migrants to the border to create a crisis in response to sanctions against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko for his crackdown against dissent and an allegedly stolen 2020 election.

Poland has sent troops to its border and declared a state of emergency. Camps have set up at the border, along with the borders of Latvia and Lithuania, amid reports that there are tens of thousands more migrants on their way.

The New York Times reports that Belarus not only loosened visa rules for travel from Iraq, from where a significant number of the migrants have arrived, but also increased state-owned airline flights and have even given migrants directions, wire cutters and axes to get through border fencing.

“This is not a bilateral issue of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters after meeting with Biden.

“This is a challenge to the whole of the European Union. And this is not a migration crisis. This is the attempt of an authoritarian regime to try to destabilize its democratic neighbors. This will not succeed,” she added.

“These are manufactured events through strategic manipulation over a long period of time to create the conditions in which opportunities to make it even more unstable arise,” Michael Ryan, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, told Fox News this week.

“And some of the tools have proven to be very effective because they do create such an emotional response in Europe — migration being one of them.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied his government is involved in any destabilization operations.