They’re Back! Following Massive Republican Election Victories in Virginia, New York, and New Jersey, U.S. Corporations Line Up to Support GOP Again

U.S. corporations are coming back into the Republican fold following the party’s massive election day victories last week in traditionally blue states like Virginia, New Jersey, and New York.

Many corporations stopped donating to Republicans following the Jan. 6 riot, but following last week’s historic wins, CEOs and corporate boards are realigning with the GOP.

“A host of Republican lobbyists say that Tuesday’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey have ignited interest from their corporate clients on making inroads with GOP officials on the Hill. They suspect that cash will soon start flowing from corporate PACs to their party’s lawmakers too,” Politico reported on Monday.

Since the Capitol breach, mainstream media outlets have attempted to vilify corporations for giving to Republicans. In June, Bloomberg published an article, “How We’ll Know if Corporations Backslide on Jan. 6 Pledges.”

And a July 27 article by Quartz was headlined, “These companies still donate to Jan. 6 seditionists in Congress.” The piece noted:

It didn’t take long for major businesses to forget about the rule of law and get back to the business of paying for access to legislators. Today’s hearing, the first of several designed to probe the events of that day and dispel lies about what happened, is a good opportunity to highlight some of the recidivist firms who have no problem backing politicians willing to strip away Americans’ right to vote.

Not one of the more than 650 people charged in connection with breaching the Capitol building has been charged with or convicted of sedition or anything related.

The Daily Wire continued:

On October 25, Rolling Stone ran an article titled, “What Insurrection? Corporate America Can’t Stop Bankrolling the Jan. 6 Sedition Caucus.”

Brian Ballard, whom Politico described as “The Most Powerful Lobbyist in Trump’s Washington” in April 2018, told Politico, “After talking to several clients today, they’ll be a lot more aggressively Republican giving” over the next six months, adding, “It’s much more bullish for Republicans than it was perhaps six months ago.”

David Tamasi, managing director of Chartwell Strategy Group, wrote: “Where we are today from where we were six to eight months ago is a fundamentally different political environment. … I think people are realizing that you know it’s likely that the House is gonna flip, and that you’re gonna have to engage with some of the folks that are going to have greater political profiles than they did previously.”

“Following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, many top corporations vowed to withhold their political donations to the Republican lawmakers who objected to the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college victory, which includes members in the House GOP leadership ranks,” Politico added, going on to cite Comcast, Mastercard, and American Express, among others.

Sam Geduldig, co-CEO of CGCN Group, said that the key victories in blue states signify an ascendent Republican Party that corporations may once again have to deal with, noting: “I think they’ll want to figure out how to repair relationships with people that hold gavels and hold chairmanships that are important.”

Meanwhile, Ballard noted that “time heals all.”