Bringing the Fire: Virginia’s New Republican Attorney General, Jason Miyares, Vows To Investigation Allegations of Sex Abuse at Loudoun County Public Schools, Ground Zero for CRT Pushback

Republican Attorney General-Elect of Virginia Jason Miyares vowed on Thursday to investigate allegations of student sexual assault at the troubled Loudoun County Public School District after defeating two-term incumbent AG Mark Herring.

Miyares made his announcement alongside Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman, who is aware of the allegations and has been monitoring the situation for weeks.

“Attorney General-Elect Jason Miyares says he and [GOP] Gov-Elect [Glenn] Youngkin will look to change Virginia law to allow the AG authority to step in when local officials feel the Commonwealth’s Attorney is not doing an adequate job. Miyares specifically references northern Virginia,” Drew Wilder of NBC Washington noted.

“AG-Elect Jason Miyares says he intends to investigate the sexual assault incidents in Loudoun County Public Schools,” Wilder added.

A reporter asked Miyares whether he planned to “investigate Loudoun County Public Schools and the recent sexual assaults that have happened there,” and he bluntly responded, “Yes.”

He added:

One of our major legislative initiatives, which we had talked about on the campaign, was to allow us — right now, the way that it works, is if a sitting commonwealth attorney requests it, we can come in and prosecute a case on their behalf.

We’re going to be seeking a legislative change, and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has already indicated that he would sign that into law — but a bill that would essentially save the chief law enforcement officer in jurisdiction, either the chief of police or the sheriff makes a request because the commonwealth’s attorney is not doing their job, then I’m going to do their job for them.

And I’m thinking specifically some of the so-called “social justice” commonwealth attorneys that have been elected, particularly in Northern Virginia. We obviously are aware of some pretty horrific cases that have made the public where they failed to do their job.

And if there’s anything that I want to bring back to the forefront in this process, are the victims. I can tell you as a former prosecutor, there’s individuals that you remember: are the victims. I don’t remember the defendants as much.

And so that’s been a little bit of my frustration, that I have seen, the victims have been forgotten. And when prosecutors are making plea deals on child-rape cases over the objection of the family, I have a serious problem with that.

Last month, The Daily Wire reported that a father accused the Loudoun County School Board of concealing a sexual assault that allegedly occurred against his daughter in a bathroom:

On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students. What people did not know is that weeks prior on May 28, Smith says, a boy allegedly wearing a skirt entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy – one count of anal sodomy and one count of forcible fellatio – related to an incident that day at that school.

“Loudoun County prosecutor Buta Biberaj defended the decision to transfer a boy accused of sexually assaulting a female student in a girl’s bathroom to a different high school in the same school district late last week, telling local media that the boy had no prior record,” the outlet added.