WATCH: Democratic Pollster Shares Warning Over McAuliffe-Youngkin Gubernatorial Race in Virginia: If Republican Candidate Wins, It’s ‘Katy Bar the Door’ for Dems in 2022

A Democratic pollster is predicting disaster for his party if Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin pulls off what many believe would be an upset victory over Dem challenger Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday.

According to Cornell Belcher, if McAuliffe loses, that will be “catastrophic” for the Democrat Party because that last time a Dem gubernatorial candidate lost there, the party would up shedding 60 seats in the U.S. House during then-President Barack Obama’s first midterm election in 2010.

“If Terry McAuliffe loses, you know, ‘Katy, bar the door.’ I mean, it’s the deluge,” Belcher said during a roundtable discussion on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“You think it’s that catastrophic?” NBC host Chuck Todd chimed in to ask.

“Yes. It’s catastrophic, and it’s a panic button, because the last time a Democrat lost — and you know this — the last time a Democrat lost Virginia, we lost 60 seats in this House, right?” Belcher responded.

“2009,” Republican strategist Brad Todd added.

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Kristen Welker observed that “it’s already become a circular pointing squad.”

“Because you have the White House saying, ‘Look, if McAuliffe loses, it’s not on us.’ McAuliffe is saying, ‘Get in a room and figure this out,’ and I’ve been speaking to Virginia voters who say they are sick of the intransigence. So it’s hard to say that what’s happening in Washington won’t impact the race,” Welker noted.

Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ economic agenda has been thwarted in Congress amid small Democrat majorities, as party moderates have been warring with the party’s far-left progressive faction over costs and expansions of benefits programs.

Last week,

Democratic pollster Chris Anderson sounded an alarm.

“With the race essentially tied among the full registered voter universe, McAuliffe could still pull this off,” said Anderson, who helped conduct a Fox News poll that found Youngkin had pulled slightly ahead of McAuliffe. “But it would take something big to ignite enthusiasm for McAuliffe’s candidacy and a massively effective get out the vote effort.”

The Fox News report added:

Youngkin promises to ban the teaching of critical race theory on his first day in office, while McAuliffe denies CRT is even taught in Virginia schools. In addition, McAuliffe is still explaining his comment in the final debate that parents shouldn’t “be telling schools what they should teach.”

The survey, released Thursday, finds movement in the views of parents. They backed McAuliffe by 10 points two weeks ago. Now, they go for Youngkin by 14. On the question of which candidate they trust to handle education, Youngkin’s previous 1-point edge among parents has widened to 12.

Among parents, Youngkin has dads to thank. Moms back him by just two points overall, and they trust both candidates equally on education. For dads, those numbers are +23 and +21 for Youngkin respectively.

“Education is a top issue, which is usually good news for the Democrats since they are typically seen as more capable in that domain,” added Fox News’ Republican pollster Daron Shaw.

“But Youngkin has turned the issue on its head so it’s about curriculum and parent involvement rather than spending. The result is the GOP is currently preferred on perhaps the critical issue for this election.”