Candace Owens Demands Full Retractions From Left-Wing Media Outlets After She Says They Took Her ‘Invade’ Australia Comments Out of Context

Conservative podcaster, author, and pundit Candace Owens is demanding a full retraction from some left-wing media outlets after mischaracterizing comments she made about the U.S. “invading” long-time ally Australia.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, Owens ripped into publications like The Guardian and The Sun, both published in the UK, for taking her remarks out of context, the Daily Wire — which airs her podcast “Candace” — reported.

“The politico noted, in her monologue, that she was being facetious, underscoring her anti-interventionist beliefs but also decrying the dire conditions Australians are facing relative to other places the U.S. has deployed troops to, namely Afghanistan,” the outlet noted.

She also said she plans to have her legal team reach out to The Guardian in particular about the outlet’s “full lie,” referencing the UK’s libel laws.

“The U.K. has very strong libel laws, and you can’t just lie like that. And I want a full retraction,” the BLEXIT founder said. “To pretend that I was not joking, when I quite literally said, ‘I say that in jest’ — it’s demonic, it’s satanic.”

The Guardian’s misleading headline noted Thursday: “Rightwing pundit Candace Owens suggests US invade Australia to ‘free an oppressed people.’”

The Sun’s headline read: “Firebrand host Candace Owens calls on US to INVADE Australia to free people from ‘tyrannical’ Covid lockdown.”

“The AUDACITY of Twitter and [The Guardian] to run with a FULL LIE of a headline that I suggested America should invade Australia,” Owens wrote her Instagram response video. “I am in full dragon mode right now.”

“Are you awake yet?! Do you see the evil?” she added. “Do you understand there is value for these evil globalists in your perpetual state of fear?”

In her video, she said the media smear campaign is part of the “reason that this world is so divided, it’s the reason why everywhere in the world people are being impoverished and imprisoned by their governments, who have launched a war against their own people.”

“It’s an information war,” she explained. “They are lying to you about what is happening everywhere. They are lying to you about your own body, right? You don’t even trust your own body anymore. People are afraid when anyone sneezes.

“Because the government has launched a war, a propaganda war, a psychological war against its own people. Because fear gives them more power. That’s the truth,” she added.

During her podcast, Owens said, “For the last 20 years, the United States has spent trillions of dollars overseas in Afghanistan for a war, which we lost, by the way,” adding that the goal was to “spread democracy” and “free an oppressed people.”

“So I’m going to ask those same lecturing politicians and media members a question – when do we deploy troops to Australia? When do we invade Australia and free oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime?” she continued.

“When do we spend trillions of dollars to spread democracy in Australia? … Of course, I say that in jest.”


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