Texas Sheriff Carpet Bombs Biden Over Border and Immigration Policies, Says He’s ‘Most Historically Significant Lack of Enforcement at the U.S. Border Than Any Other Administration’

A fed-up Texas sheriff lashed out at President Joe Biden on Tuesday over what he sees as a historic lack of enforcement of border security and U.S. immigration laws.

“This administration is actually practicing probably the most historically significant lack of enforcement at the U.S. border than any other administration in the history of the United States, Jackson County, Texas, Sheriff Andy Louderback told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo” on Tuesday.

“The institutional rot of this administration continues to grow. It’s grown at a rate— obviously, the wonderful men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol, Texas law enforcement, our National Guard troops that have been down here are experiencing all of the effects of Biden administration policies, and they all affect national security, and they all affect every law enforcement agency here in the country,” he said.

“Our crime is up. Our mass chaos is up. All of these things are exponentially increasing,” Louderback added.

“When you have a model of no enforcement,” the sheriff said, noting further that “it is absolutely phenomenal the chaos they have created for Americans.”

Bartiromo pointed out that of about 200 National Guard troops at their peak over the summer, most states that lent soldiers to Texas to help man the border have since recalled them, leaving only 11 now.

When the host asked to him give his impression of the impact of border agents who don’t have the administration’s support, the sheriff said, “Well, it’s national security. Maria, it’s national security. I think Americans have to understand that this is a national security issue. It always has.

“When you have zero enforcement on your border, then you subject Americans here to a national security issue,” Louderback went on.

“This is completely lost on the Biden administration. They have no intent of protecting Americans here from their border — from their border policies,” he added.

When he was asked to speculate why the administration was not up to the task of securing the border, the sheriff said it might be “a move to a permanent majority.”

“These things that for professional law enforcement, we don’t understand. These are areas that a secure border is fundamental to having a country and this is not — this strategic model that they have put in place here today is not anywhere close to that,” Louderback added.

He also thinks the country doesn’t have a true leader right now.

“Well, we’re leaderless at this point in time. So from January 20th on, where we came from a very stable, secure border for the last two years, by January 21st, chaos has descended upon the United States in the form of no enforcement policies here,” said the sheriff.

“It’s tragic. It’s — you know, I lack the vocabulary really to express what this administration has done to America here and to Texas,” he added.