Shock: New Survey Finds That Majority Of Americans Believe 2020 Elections Were Tainted by Cheating; Large Plurality Calls It ‘Very Likely’

A solid majority of Americans are convinced that widespread cheating tainted the 2020 election results.

According to a new Rasmussen survey, 56% believe the elections were skewered by nefarious means, while 41% said it’s “very likely” that happened.

Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump, according to official results, but a majority of Americans now question the validity of them.

What’s more, the number of Americans who believe the results were tainted is growing.

“In April, 51% said Biden’s election was tainted by cheating — so the latest results show a 5% increase,” Newsmax reported Monday.

“A whopping 84% of Republican voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that cheating affected the outcome of the November election. Unaffiliated voters (54%) and Democrats (32%) were less inclined to think that,” the outlet continued.

“More whites (59%) than Black voters (47%) or other minorities (55%) think it is at least somewhat likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

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“The latest Rasmussen survey also found that 65% of likely voters believe that wider use of mail-in voting will lead to more cheating in elections, including 51% who say it’s ‘very likely,'” Newsmax continued, adding:

Rasmussen Reports previously found that voters are divided on whether Trump should run again in 2024, but most would vote for him in a race against either Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris.

It’s notable that since the election, Trump has continued to press allegations of widespread fraud. State officials in several states have pressed for audits of the election results, and for election reforms they say would bolster identification requirements and make it harder to engineer a deception at the polls.