Tucker Carlson Rips At ‘Fauci Worship’ on Left, Says He’s ‘Jesus With Better Shoes’ As Host Goes Off on Lead Immunologist

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the “worship” of Dr. Anthony Fauci on the left during his opening monologue on Monday, suggesting faith in the country’s lead immunologist is outsized and inappropriate.

“Life is amazing, is it not? If you’d asked Anthony Fauci 60 years ago when he was a student at Holy Cross in Massachusetts whether he would grow up to single-handedly control how Christians celebrate their most beloved holiday, Fauci probably would have assumed you were high, smoking that tea with the beatniks in Greenwich Village, reefer madness. He would have been confused,” Carlson said.

“At the time, Fauci was studying to become a doctor, not the Pope, and there was a difference then. Little could he have known, back in 1958, that public health would become America’s reigning religion, and he, its High Priest,” the host continued.

He went on to play a clip of Fauci last December declaring that Americans shouldn’t gather for Christmas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carlson added:

There was “Do not travel for Christmas” Anthony Fauci said, do not congregate together to celebrate it. That means no Christmas Eve in church. That means no Christmas morning under the tree with your family, tearing through stockings. It means no Christmas at all.

Sacred Christian observance canceled until further notice from Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, MD. What a thrill it must have been for him to say something like that. Here is a guy who fully expected to spend his life giving prostate exams and there he was declaring the ancient Christian calendar null and void.

Pretty amazing, but even more amazing was the reaction that Fauci received when he said it. The people in charge loved it. They never cared much for Christmas anyway. All that religious talk and unsupervised family time, it faintly seemed like a threat.

The host went on to say that in “affluent neighborhoods” throughout Washington, D.C., yards are replete with signs praising Fauci.

“And they really do want to thank him, not for funding the gain-of-function research in Wuhan that created COVID, no, it’s bigger than that,” Carlson said.

“They are thanking Dr. Fauci for the gift of life which he alone bestows,” he said.

“What you’re seeing here is Washington’s new religion, it’s Fauciism, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this year once again, our moral leaders are asking Dr. Fauci the very same question, Christmas is coming, can we celebrate it?” he said before playing a clip of Fauci on a Sunday morning news show saying he believes it’s “too early” yet to decide if gathering for Christmas this year is safe as the virus lingers.

“And in hearing that, the news lady just nods. Of course, it’s all perfectly normal. We’ll check back with you, Dr. Fauci. Keep doing science as only you can,” Carlson continued.

“And of course, that’s exactly what Tony Fauci plans to do. It’s what he’s done with his life,” he added before noting that Fauci said during a different interview that illegal migrants crossing into the U.S. by the tens of thousands are “absolutely not” bringing COVID with them.

Later, Carlson played clips of MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace fawning over Fauci and praising him endlessly.

“He is Jesus with better shoes,” Carlson said.