Trump Says 20,000 More Haitians Heading to U.S.; America Is ‘The Laughingstock of the Globe’

(USA Features) Former President Donald sounded the alarm Monday regarding tens of thousands more Haitians reportedly heading towards the United States, where he believes they will simply be allowed into the country illegally by the Biden administration.

The situation has turned the U.S. into the “laughingstock of the globe,” the former president said.

“Just eight months ago, the whole world knew that if you illegally violated America’s borders, no matter where you came from, you’d be immediately caught, promptly detained, and swiftly removed—perfect precision clockwork,” Trump said in a memo issued through his Save America PAC.

“Our border was the envy of nations. Now, our border is the laughingstock of the globe,” Trump added.

“Anyone, from anywhere, can just illegally walk across our border, turn themselves in, and then be on to the city of their choice.

“No testing, no masking, no mandates. Free healthcare, deliveries, and medical services in our emergency rooms, all paid for by taxpayers. Drugs pour through like water,” he added.

In recent days, reports have said that the Biden administration has allowed thousands of Haitians into the country after they crossed illegally.

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“Both Republicans and Democrats heaped criticism onto the Biden administration after nearly 15,000 Haitian migrants gathered along the southern border in and around the small South Texas city of Del Rio were either expelled back to Haiti or dispersed into the U.S. with notices to appear at an immigration office within 60 days,” Newsmax reported.

“There was also widespread outrage among Democrats after images emerged of border agents maneuvering their horses to forcibly block and move migrants,” the outlet continued.

In his statement, Trump also pushed back on Biden administration claims that U.S Border Patrol agents on horseback acted inappropriately when dealing with the flood of Haitian migrants last week.

“Our border agents are disrespected, denigrated, and demoralized,” he said.

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“Now, news reports indicate another 20,000 Haitians are staged in Columbia preparing to make the trek to our Southern Border. But that’s just the beginning. Wave after wave are heading our way, INVITED here to break our laws by Biden, Mayorkas, and the Marxist Democrats,” Trump added.

“Indeed, at this very moment, House Democrats are preparing to pass a Reconciliation Bill that includes total amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, and removes all limits on green cards and chain migration.

“Democrats are playing for keeps—Republicans better fight hard, fight strong, and stay united for America, or we won’t have a Country left,” he added.