Trump Scores Big Numbers at Event in Georgia As GOP Works Hard to Flip State Back to Red Column

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump certainly looks like he wants to be president again, and if his reception in Georgia on Saturday is any indication, he has an excellent chance.

That’s the impression from a number of political observers who also say Republicans are working hard to flip the Peach State back over to the red column.

“The event fell on the fourth week of college football season during a slate of SEC football games that included the University of Georgia facing Vanderbilt,” Breitbart News reported Sunday.

“But that [didn’t] deter people from making the trek eight months after an election cycle that led to the state going for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since 1980 and giving up two U.S. Senate seat to Democrat candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff,” the outlet added.

Trump roused the approximately 20,000 people who showed up to see him, hitting on a familiar theme regarding the 2020 election.

“Each and every one of us here tonight must do everything we can to save America,” Trump said during his speech. “We will never forget 2020… The most corrupt election in the history of our country… to be followed by a most glorious victory in 2024.”

Red State noted:

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Trump also may be kicking off his own campaign, as well. He had already indicated about ten days ago that he would probably run again, especially after the debacle that Joe Biden caused in Afghanistan. He said he was just greatly affected by what military families had been through and that “ It is getting to a point where we really have no choice,” in terms of running.

Then last night, he was asked during a TV interview whether there was anything that would prevent him from running again.

“Well, I don’t — I guess a bad call from a doctor or something, right?” Trump said on “The Water Cooler” show on Real America’s Voice.

“Things happen. Through God, they happen,” he added. “But I feel so good.”

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The former president also took shots at Georgia Republicans including Gov. Brian Kemp.

“This guy is a disaster,” he said of Kemp.

He also recalled pressuring the governor to force a recount by urging the state Legislature to overturn the results, but Kemp wouldn’t budge.

“I said Brian you know you have a big election integrity problem in Georgia,” Trump said. “I hope you can help us out and call a special election and let’s get to the bottom of it for the good of the country, for the good of the state of Georgia.”