Another Republican Joins Growing List of GOP House Members Who Believe Impeachment Proceedings against Biden Should Have Already Begun

(USA Features) Another House Republican has joined with colleagues in calling for President Joe Biden to be impeached for a number of issues including the border crisis and the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving Americans and allies behind.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, said Biden is “the absolute, most incompetent commander-in-chief that we’ve ever seen.”

“[W]ith us in the minority and with [Nancy] Pelosi in charge in the House, it’s probably not going anywhere,” Babin said of the articles of impeachment that have already been filed against Biden.

“We have to have some Democrats to successfully impeach the president or anybody that he has or any of his subordinates, but many of them need to be removed,” he added.

“My good friend, Bob Gibbs from Ohio — he’s got articles of impeachment against President Biden. He’s the absolute, most incompetent commander-in-chief that we’ve ever seen, I know in my lifetime, and I’m an Army and Air Force veteran myself,” Babin continued.

“And the things that he’s done on the border, stopping the great policies that President Trump came up with, and we talked about that earlier, letting thousands of COVID-positive individual migrants come across illegally into our country … unilaterally stopping the federal mandate for evictions against the warning of the Supreme Court, and then the Afghanistan debacle, having left Americans there, left $85-$90 billion worth of assets there and not having a plan to get American citizens out or our allies,” Babin added.

In late August, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., cosponsored articles of impeachment against Biden due to an alleged “foreign policy failure” in Afghanistan.

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Duncan signed on to articles of impeachment first filed last week by freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

The South Carolina lawmaker said in a statement that he feels it’s time to remove Biden following his “gross negligence” that lead to the Taliban retaking Afghanistan which then “resulted in a grave humanitarian crisis.”

“It is time to take action and remove the sitting President from office due to his gross negligence that undermined our national security, led to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, and resulted in a grave humanitarian crisis,” Duncan said in a statement posted to Twitter.