Ocasio-Cortez Mocked for Wearing ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress at High-Priced Event

(USA Features) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was mocked mercilessly online Monday evening after she showed up at a swanky event at the New York Met Gala where tickets reportedly cost $30,000 wearing a designer dress that said, “Tax The Rich.”

“Individual tickets are reportedly priced at $30,000 apiece, a far cry from when [Vogue editor-in-chief Anna] Wintour first took over the running of the event in 1995 when they were just $1,000,” Newsweek reported.

“Then there are the tables, typically bought by brands and fashion houses. These reportedly start at $275,000,” the outlet continued.

“AOC,” as she is known, was criticized and ridiculed by many social media users, including her allies on the left.

Ej Dickson, a senior writer at Rolling Stone, tweeted: “Am I the only one who thinks this is really f***ing stupid[?] 1) The dress is ugly, 2) She’s at a $35k per person event and this isn’t nearly the own she thinks it is. 3) The dress is ugly. I mean I love her but come on this is so dumb. Peak girl boss s**t.”

“Lots of people commenting snidely on the lack of masks and social distancing in this opulent indoor event in the middle of a pandemic but — as was true of Obama’s indoor bash — COVID wasn’t invited to the #MetGala and these are the sophisticated people who aren’t in danger,” added progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald.

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“I’m not even mad at the lack of self awareness or hypocrisy anymore. At this point it’s just hilarious. These people are a giant joke,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, wrote online.

Stephen Taylor, a political commentator, tweeted: “This is such a political miscalculation. It’s quite amazing to be watching it in realtime.”

Lisa Boothe, a contributor to Fox News, wrote: “Outside of AOC being tone deaf and a complete hypocrite, the dress is ugly.”

“If you spent your whole life trying, you couldn’t come up with a better illustration of woke progressivism as smokescreen for class that perpetuates inequality than the progressive avatar at the pinnacle of conspicuous consumption being feted with a cheeky slogan across her back,” noted Newsweek editor Batya Ungar-Sargon.

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Stephen Miller, a political commentator and former adviser to President Donald Trump, tweeted: “You know who isn’t at the Met Gala? Joe Manchin.”

“Cost per Ticket: $30,000. Virtue signaling to your base while partying—without a mask—with the people you claim to hate: Priceless,” tweeted Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.