McCaul Rips Blinken For ‘Betrayal’ of Afghan Allies Over Deadly Withdrawal

(USA Features) Rep. Michael McCaul nailed Secretary of State Tony Blinken during testimony on Monday over President Joe Biden’s turbulent and deadly evacuation from Afghanistan.

McCaul, a Texas Republican, made his comments to Blinken during a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Mr. Secretary, the American people don’t like to lose, especially not to the terrorists. But that is exactly what has happened. This has emboldened the Taliban and our adversaries,” McCaul said during his opening statement.

“To make matters worse, we abandoned Americans behind enemy lines. We left behind interpreters who you, Mr. Secretary, and the president both promised to protect,” he continued.

“I can summarize this in one word: Betrayal. The America I know keeps its promises,” McCaul said.

“The most important promise in our military is ‘no man left behind,’ ‘no one left behind.’ But you broke this promise,” he added.

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During his testimony, Blinken testified that “thousands” of legal U.S. residents were left behind in Afghanistan by the administration.

“I think the best estimates are that there’s several thousand green card holders in Afghanistan,” Blinken said.

“Those are numbers that we’re working on right now as people come out of Afghanistan — some of them in the United States already, others at these transit points — we’re collecting all of that information,” Blinken added.

Other Republicans have lashed out at the Biden administration as Blinken prepared to testify, including Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who suggested that Biden’s pullout was purposefully chaotic to benefit China.

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“What we can expect are questions such as, did we have a withdrawal plan, or was this happenstance?” she told Newsmax TV’s morning show.

“The steps that the Biden administration made, which are missteps, were they intentional [or] were they seeking to elevate China? Had they made a deal on the front end? Was the Taliban creating an exit strategy for us because we did not have an exit strategy?” she added.

Blinken is scheduled to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.

Blackburn said that some lawmakers will ask if it was part of President Joe Biden’s plan to allow the Taliban to take over Bagram Airfield as well as the U.S.-made equipment left behind.

“Did they plan to leave thousands of Americans and SIV applicants and SIV holders behind enemy lines, and why did they underestimate the Taliban?” said Blackburn.

“Were they not aware that the Taliban was working with China and Russia and Iran?” she asked.