DeSantis Rips Biden Over ‘Destructive’ Policies: ‘This Guy Doesn’t Take Responsibility For Anything’

(USA Features) Gov. Ron DeSantis lashed out at Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate as well as his overall handling of COVID-19 while accusing the president of avoiding “responsibility for anything.”

Speaking to reporters last week after Biden imposed vaccine mandates on businesses with more than 100 employees as well as most federal employees and contractors, he said that the president was “obviously referring to” the Florida Republican as well as other red-state governors in remarks criticizing them for blocking other pandemic-related requirements in schools and businesses.

“Well I would just say generally when you’re taking action that’s unconstitutional, that threatens the jobs of the people in my state, many, many thousands of jobs, I’m standing for them,” DeSantis said in response to a question about the issue from a reporter.

“We’re going to protect their jobs against federal overreach. This is a guy who criticizes the state of Florida for protecting parents’ rights,” DeSantis continued.

“He says school boards should be able to eliminate parents’ rights and force five-year-old kids to wear masks all day. That’s what he thinks is appropriate government,” he added.

“Yet, here he comes from Washington, D.C. instituting an unprecedented mandate, which even his own people have acknowledged in the past is not constitutional. That’s not leadership.”

The Florida governor also criticized Biden’s overall pandemic policies.

“And I think the problem I have with Joe Biden, more than anything, this guy doesn’t take responsibility for anything,” DeSantis said.

“He’s always trying to blame other people, blame other states. This is a guy that promised when he ran for president, that he would shut down the virus,” he noted.

“If you look now there’s 300% more cases in this country today than a year ago when we had no vaccines at all. So his policies are not working.”

“He’s doubling down on things that are going to be very destructive for the livelihoods of many, many Americans, and obviously going to be destructive to our constitutional system and the rule of law,” DeSantis went on.

“And so these are times when you believe in that constitution, you got to stand up. And obviously the substantive issues’ important because there are places that are going to toss aside people who’ve worked, they’ve worked this whole time throughout COVID, now all of a sudden they should be tossed aside? They were working when nobody had vaccine, you don’t know their history, you don’t know why they’re making decisions that they’re making,” the governor added.

“Many of these people have already recovered and they have immunity. The idea that somehow you have somebody that gets a Johnson and Johnson, they can work, but someone that’s got natural immunity somehow can’t?” he said.

“You know, at the end of the day, we don’t live with a one-person rule in this country. We live in a constitutional system, which people’s rights are respected, but particularly in this juncture, their livelihoods and their jobs have to be protected,” added the governor.