DeSantis Scores Major Legal Victory in Battle to Ban Mask Mandates in Schools

(USA Features) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis scored a major legal victory on Friday when a court ruled in his favor regarding his ban on mask mandates in schools.

Earlier, DeSantis, a Republican, issued an order barring schools from imposing mandatory mask mandates on students, allowing parents the right to decide on their own if they wanted their kids to wear one.

After a lower court blocked his ban from taking effect, a state appeals court in Tallahassee granted an emergency motion seeking to reinstate a stay on his order.

“1st District Court of Appeals just granted the State of Florida’s request to reinstate the stay — meaning, the rule requiring ALL Florida school districts to protect parents’ rights to make choices about masking kids is BACK in effect!” posted Christina Pushaw, a spokeswoman for Gov. DeSantis.

DeSantis’ administration filed an appeal last week to reverse a ruling from a judge in Leon County who blocked his ban on schools implementing mask mandates.

“The appeal, filed at the 1st District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee, is aimed at overturning the decision of Judge John C. Cooper, a Leon County Circuit Judge. Cooper previously said that DeSantis had overstepped his state authority in his July executive order on masking in schools,” the Daily Wire reported.

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Following Cooper’s ruling, the DeSantis administration released a statement saying that the decision ignored “science and facts.”

“It’s not surprising that Judge Cooper would rule against parent’s rights and their ability to make the best educational and medical decisions for their family, but instead rule in favor of elected politicians,” the statement said.

“This ruling was made with incoherent justifications, not based in science and facts – frankly not even remotely focused on the merits of the case presented,” the statement added.

DeSantis predicted that the original court order would be reversed.

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“It’ll be appealed. We’ll end up getting it back,” he told reporters last Monday. “At the end of the day, ultimately, we’re just trying to stand with the parents.”

“I’ll bet you you’d have parents sue under the Parents’ Bill of Rights, say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, I think this is in the best interest of my child to go to school to wear — you know what, I think that they would win on that,” the Republican governor added.