Gaetz Urges Leader McCarthy to ‘Stand Up To’ Trump GOP Foes Cheney, Kinzinger

(USA Features) Rep. Matt Gaetz is urging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to take “turncoat Republicans” Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger off of all their committee assignments after they agreed to join Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee, whose members are looking to obtain personal cell phone and other data on several GOP allies of former President Donald Trump.

“They’ve crossed the Rubicon, joined the other side,” Gaetz said Thursday on his “Firebrand with Matt Gaetz” podcast.

“So how do Cheney (Wyoming) and Kinzinger (Ill.) justify a critique of [former President Donald] Trump for destroying our institutions and violating norms when they’re participating the Stalinist tactics of the tyrannical left?” the Florida Republican added.

Gaetz said McCarthy, R-Calif., has to remove Cheney and Kinzinger from their committee assignments as per their membership in the House Republican Conference.

“Anything less is weakness inviting attack, and our leadership shouldn’t invite attack on our people,” Gaetz added.

He noted that McCarthy’s general approach is not to have “strong reactions to things,” even though the House Republican leader chastised the formation of the Jan. 6 Committee after reports its members were seeking phone records of GOP lawmakers.

“How can we trust Kevin McCarthy to go beyond talking tough to Nancy Pelosi when he won’t even stand up to Liz Cheney? Or Adam Kinzinger?” Gaetz asked.

He said that he and other fiery conservatives including Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia are all “under fire” from the partisan investigative committee, which has not been completely transparent in its activities.

“They haven’t sent subpoenas, yet,” Gaetz said. “If your telecom provider gets a subpoena for your records, you get notice — the opportunity to ask a court to quash or block that request,” he said.

“Litigation requires parties to put up or shut up. It can expose a witch hunt,” he added.

“So instead of a subpoena, they sent a preservation demand, initially in secret. Then they leaked the names of the targeted Republicans to smear us with a cloud of criminality.”

The Florida lawmaker and Trump alley went on to say that Democrats’ method of attack is nothing new.

“Smearing political leaders you don’t like with leaks and lies. Sound familiar?” he asked. “It’s exactly the playbook [Rep.] Adam Schiff [D-Calif.] used against Donald Trump during the phony Ukraine impeachment.”

He went on to insist that Republicans remain focused on key issues like voter integrity reform.

“Republicans who abandon election integrity as an issue are no use to us,” he said. “They are worthless in the fight we are in now, today.”