Republican Lawmaker Says Biden Either ‘Cognitively Impaired’ Or ‘He’s Purposely Hurting Country’

(USA Features) A former Democratic lawmaker-turned-Republican during the Trump administration said that the debacle evacuation from Afghanistan that includes the deadly attack on U.S. forces on Thursday means President Joe Biden either doesn’t have the mental capacity to lead or he’s purposely harming the country.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, in a lengthy interview with Breitbart News that was published Friday, pointed to several other issues that he says substantiates his point including the ongoing lack of enforcement of immigration laws, massive spending in a time of high debt which is causing inflation, and other things.

“I am so tired of being disgusted with what is going on in our country in general, but with this administration, with this Congress, it’s been mistake after mistake,” the New Jersey lawmaker said.

“There’s nothing at all in what they do that reminds me of American exceptionalism or Americanism, and the same here,” he went on. “The America I know is strong and powerful and brave, courageous and smart.”

Van Drew also railed at the “completely terrible and totally nonfunctional plan” put forth by the Biden administration regarding the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan after 20 years.

“Right from the beginning, literally, you could have a number of cadets that are studying a little bit about military warfare put together a better exit plan,” said Van Drew, whose decision to switch parties ahead of the 2020 election to the approval of then-President Donald Trump.

He went on to rip the president’s “terrible job” and Thursday’s loss of life, further noting that “we did [the withdrawal] even at the wrong time of the year.”

“There is no cogent argument for evacuating and exiting the country the way that we are and the way that we did,” he said before going on to lay out what he believes would have been a much more organized, safe, and stable withdrawal.

“Evacuate your men and women, Americans first, Afghanis next — the Afghanis that were loyal to us and work with us. And then, you would make sure you destroy all of our equipment that was there — some of it very advanced, such as our Blackhawks,” said the New Jersey lawmaker, adding that because of all the equipment that has been left behind to the disintegrated Afghan National Army, the Taliban who have taken it all now “have more Blackhawks now than most countries do in the world.”

“And then finally, drawdown the troops,” he added. “That’s not really complicated. That basically is military 101 and they couldn’t even do that right.”

“We are leaving some of the most powerful military equipment in the world over there. The Chinese are already reverse engineering this equipment,” he said, as other reports have noted as well.

“Just how stupid can we be? How off the mark can we be?” he asked.

Because of the disaster in Afghanistan and the resulting U.S. military deaths, Van Drew said he has joined in calls for the president to resign as well as Vice President Kamala Harris and a number of Cabinet officials and top military commanders.

“I’ve already asked the president to resign in the past number of days, as well as the vice president, and some of the leaders in the party,” he said.

“Of course I know he’s not going to, but I want to make it clear how I and many many Americans feel,” he added.

Finally, Van Drew said that Biden should undergo a cognitive exam “because either this president is cognitively impaired or he’s purposely harming the country or both.”