Laura Ingraham Decries ‘Joe’s Secret Taliban Deal,’ Says GOP Must Investigate It

(USA Features) Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Tuesday during her nightly program Republicans have an obligation to investigate a “secret deal” the Biden administration may have made with Taliban leaders regarding the U.S. withdrawal and evacuation, which continues to be a chaotic mess on the ground in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

The host began by noting that she found it odd Biden was alone in the situation room of Camp David last week as the crisis was unfolding, talking to Vice President Kamala Harris as well as other U.S. officials by teleconference, instead of being surrounded by pertinent Cabinet members.

“What was going on that none of Biden’s top Cabinet officials were with him at this pivotal time? Just extended alone time with Jill? Very odd,” she said, adding that it is important to know why CIA Director William Burns met earlier this week with Taliban leaders instead of American diplomats.

“This raises lots of questions. First, why send the CIA director and not a State Department official?  What were the parameters of the talks?” she asked.

“Did the CIA director push to get the August 31 deadline extended? Did he ask if any Americans were being held against their will or demand their release and safe passage?  If so, what did we give up for that guarantee?” Ingraham continued.

“It’s hard to believe the Taliban just did this out of the goodness of their hearts: This entire scenario has been so fraught with lies and misrepresentations, that we don’t know what to think,” she speculated.

The host then said it appears as if Biden may be treating the evacuation crisis in a purely political manner.

“One thing we do know is that after making a cold political calculation, President Biden announced today that he was, in fact, bowing to the Taliban’s wishes and sticking to the August 31st troop withdrawal date,” she said regarding the insistance by both the administration and the Taliban to keep to the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline.

She went on to say that Republicans need to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

“Why are non-Americans being evacuated before Americans? How many Americans are likely to be left behind?” she asked again.

“What will happen to them? How many non-Americans are being brought to this country? Is there any reason to believe that the vetting is being done in accordance with US law?” Ingraham, who is also an attorney, queried.

“Is there any reason to believe that the vetters have any interest other than open borders? Where are the non-Americans going to be settled? Do state and local officials have any say in this matter?”

Ingraham then hinted that it may be the Biden administration is paying the Taliban not to attack the international airport at Kabul during evacuation operations as thousands of people have gathered to try and get out of the country.

“[T]he true scope of the refugee situation must be revealed. Importing tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of Afghans to the U.S. is bound to pose major challenges — with huge financial, cultural, and security costs,” said Ingraham.

“Raise your hand if you trust the people behind the border crisis and Afghanistan debacle to properly vet each and every one of these people,” she continued as a graphic “Joe’s Secret Taliban Deal” appeared on-screen.

“The fact is we’ve already seen potential bad actors nearly slip through the system … The Democrats cannot be allowed to take a crisis of their own making, and use that crisis to change or flout US refugee policy,” she said.

“They’ve already tried that on the border – because they turned the border into a magnet and women and babies are showing up there, we now have to let them in even if doing so is contrary to US law.”