Taylor Greene Blasts ‘Piece of S**t’ Biden For Afghanistan Disaster Ahead of Iowa Rally

(USA Features) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene railed at President Joe Biden in a video posted to social media platform GETTR over the catastrophic and hectic withdrawal in Afghanistan, referring to him as a “piece of s**t.”

“Joe Biden, you’re not a president, you’re a piece of s**t,” Green says in the video, which was also uploaded to other social media.

The Georgia Republican added: “Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan, and you’re letting the Taliban kick your a**, while you’re lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job, bring these Americans home.”

Greene’s video was reportedly posted ahead of an event in Iowa with fellow GOP lawmaker Matt Gaetz of Florida. The two appeared at the Iowa State Fair for one of their “America First” rallies.

“Ahead of the rally she stopped at the state fair, where she rode down giant slides, took part in a Marine Corps pull-up challenge and answered questions from reporters,” the Daily Mail reported.

Asked if she has White House aspirations someday, Greene dismissed the notion for the time being.

“My sole focus is putting America first and that means in any capacity,” she said, the Daily Mail reported.

“America is failing the American people. I mean the Congress is, and so is the federal government,” she said.

Biden has faced a lot of criticism over his handling of the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, but increasingly, his administration is being pressed about what plans are being made to rescue thousands of Americans still trapped inside the country.

Reports Friday also noted that the administration was contemplating launching airstrikes on U.S.-made equipment such as vehicles and aircraft that fell into Taliban hands after Afghan National Army personnel fled.

“We write with grave concern regarding the status of U.S. military equipment left behind in Afghanistan as a result of our poorly executed withdrawal from the country,” a group of GOP lawmakers led by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said in a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin this week concerning the abandoned gear.

The group added that they were “horrified” to see U.S. weaponry such as UH-60 Black Hawk combat helicopters in the Taliban’s possession.

“It is unconscionable that high-tech military equipment paid for by U.S. taxpayers has fallen into the hands of the Taliban and their terrorist allies,” the letter added.

“Securing U.S. assets should have been among the top priorities for the U.S. Department of Defense prior to announcing the withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

U.S. military leaders have complained that the Afghan forces were not motivated enough to fight for their country, adding that the rapid disintegration of the Afghan military took them and the U.S. intelligence community by surprise.

Regarding Taylor Greene and Gaetz, the two lightning rods have teamed up all summer for a series of rallies aimed at bolstering former President Donald Trump’s ‘MAGA’ message and agenda.

Last month, they enjoined a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding to know why the Justice Department is keeping dozens of people arrested for breaching the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6 in jail since most are behind bars for minor offenses.