Graham: Biden Should Be Impeached If He Leaves a Single American in Afghanistan

(USA Features) If President Joe Biden fails to extricate every American still in Afghanistan then he ought to face impeachment and be removed from office, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Friday.

Graham, appearing on “Fox & Friends,” remarked that British and French special forces troops have been deployed to the country and are in the process of rescuing their citizens as well as Afghan nationals who helped their forces.

Biden should be authorizing the same thing for Americans, Graham said.

“There’s a bunch of Afghanis, the estimates are 65-80,000, who helped us and now they are stuck and the Taliban is going door-to-door, knocking on the door, and if they find somebody they don’t like, they just hang them,” co-host Steve Doocy said.

“Yeah, so what to do about it? The French in the British are willing to send their forces inside of Afghanistan to extract the people who helped them and their citizens,” Graham responded.

“We are duty-bound to get every American citizen out. We’re honor-bound to get those Afghans who fought along our side out,” he added.

“And here’s what I would say: if we leave any Americans behind, if we leave thousands of those Afghans who fought along our side bravely, Joe Biden deserves to be impeached for a high crime and misdemeanor of dereliction of duty,” the South Carolina Republican continued.

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“If we leave one American behind, if we don’t get all those Afghans who have stepped up to the plate to help us, out, then Joe Biden, in my view, has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution and should be impeached,” Graham, who served as a lawyer for decades in the Air Force Reserve, added.

Graham also co-authored a column published Friday in The Wall Street Journal also calling on Biden to do what it takes to rescue Americans still trapped in the country.

“If the French are willing to use military force to get their people out, if the British are willing to do it, we should join the effort. Why not a joint coalition of the willing effort to get everybody out who honorably served along our side?” he wrote with retired four-star general and vice chief of staff for the Army Jack Keane.

“We urge the administration to extend the evacuation beyond their original target date of Aug. 31. President Biden must keep forces in place long enough to evacuate those to whom we owe a great debt,” they wrote.

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“We must establish safe corridors not only in Kabul but throughout the country to move those who cannot make it to the capital,” the co-authors added.