Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Likens Biden’s Border Policies to Afghanistan Fiasco

(USA Features) Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf compared President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, which he blames for the chaotic situation there, to the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan, where he botched the U.S. pullout that has left more than 10,000 Americans stranded.

“We always wanted to take the fight to them so that we didn’t have another 9/11-style attack in the homeland but what I would say is just as we had warned them what would occur on the southern border, it seems the Biden administration again has no plan and has created another crisis in Afghanistan where it didn’t need to be at the end of the day,” Wolf told Fox News on Wednesday.

“This is about leadership and the way in which we are removing ourselves and withdrawing from Afghanistan didn’t need to occur,” Wolf continued.

“President Biden needed to have a plan in place to withdraw U.S. assets while still protecting the citizens of Afghanistan as best he could and we don’t see that now and so you see that leadership, and the vacuum of leadership I should say, and it’s very telling and that at the end of the day though from a homeland security perspective … the safe haven of Afghanistan is going to reemerge for terrorists and would-be terrorists and then how is that impacting the homeland?”

Wolf, who helped former President Donald Trump enact policies that led to the most secure U.S.-Mexico border in decades, noted that the rapid, ill-conceived pullout of Afghanistan means the U.S. will no longer have any on-the-ground intelligence, potentially creating a blind spot for future terrorist attacks.

The 9/11 attacks were planned in Afghanistan by the late Osama bid Laden, whom the Taliban had given safe haven.

“We had intelligence and assets there that could monitor that as we withdraw them as we draw down the embassy, that capability is no longer there and so that gives me pause as I look at threats to the homeland,” Wolf told Fox News.

In the aftermath of the botched pullout, Biden’s approval numbers have tanked, falling to the lowest of his presidency thus far.

“A Rasmussen Reports poll illustrates the president’s approval index is currently 17 points down from where he started in January – the lowest it’s been since he took office,” Just The News reported Tuesday.

“A total of 46% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance while 53% disapprove – also the highest that number has been,” the outlet continued.